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Spirit University
Building A Spiritually Aligned Business Through Connection

This is a 4 month program designed to take you through the connection of building up trust and confidence within Self by learning how to connect to your energy, the energy of others, spirit and Divine. 
With this connection you will learn how to create your own conscious calling, building your multi 5 figure business while serving others from your heart and soul.

I Want In

If You Don't Feel Like You Fit Into The World, It's Because You Were Born To Stand Out And Create A New One


It's one thing to activate your connection & its another to share it with the world with integrity and direction

Taking your connections to the public can feel scary

"What will others think of me?"
"How can I create an income doing this?"
"Where do I start building an online spiritual business?"
"I don't follow routines, how can will I follow spiritual practices?"
"I don't want to this to be a gimmick"
"I don't have experience giving readings, how will I be successful?"

So Many People Tell Me

  • I've suffered from anxiety my whole life and I don't understand why
  • I know when spirit is near and I want to share the message I just don't know how
  • I wish I could help people who have loved ones that have passed but I don't want to feel like I am taking advantage of them
  • I am empathic and I have a hard time understanding what is my energy and what is others.
  • I feel things all the time, I just wish I knew how to understand it
  • I have a coaching practice and want to know how to read my clients energy better so i can help them uncover the issues under the surface
  • I am an energy practitioner but have a hard time trusting in the mediumship connection
  • I find it difficult to trust myself in know what energy is around me, who it belongs to and what to do with it


If this is YOU, I totally get it.

I started this venture because I wanted to know how to connect with my aunt who had passed whenever she was around without having to go to someone to receive messages

By taking accountability for the circumstances I had just come out of [ Two years of heart circumstances my husband and son faced - You can hear this story on my Your Love-LY Intuition Podcast Episode 1.]

I knew I needed to find someone or something to tell me it was all going to be okay, and through diving into personal and spiritual development I manifested a course that taught me how to connect to my psychic senses, giving me the ability to connect with my aunt in spirit after all.

Beyond that it wasn't enough, the course grew a passion inside me that not only showed me how effortless it truly was to connect with spirit but also that the world needed to know this.

Having previously completed 2 years of Marketing and signing up for as many online courses, workshops, in person conferences that I could, 

I have learned how to cultivate a community, and build an aligned business bringing in multiple 5 figures 2 years in a row, with the tangible projection of 6 figures for 2020.
I didn't start out with the desire to build and scale a business, but the more I did the work the bigger my heart grew and the more my desire for financial freedom lit up the passion in my soul

This work is bigger than the connection, this work is about the service to humanity, the example you are setting and creating for all those around you, and the MAGIC available with in you to create a life by your design with spirit on your side.

Is this program right for you?

Spirit University is for you if you have a desire in learning how to understand and connect with your own energy, want to use your connection to bring through messages from spirit, have a desire to implement this understanding into your already created spiritual and/or coaching business, or desire to start an online business of your own.

This will be a step by step process of how to connect, cultivate and create your energy understanding, and entrance into the online space.

Heres how to know its a good fit for you:

  • You want a step by step process of how to connect with your own energy & spirit
  • You want to learn marketing strategies to help you build a brand and multi 5 figure business online
  • You desire the resources to know how to get started in the online space
  • You want to implement spirit connections into a client bases you already serve.
  • You want to trust your instincts more than ever before and build self confidence, leaving judgement behind
  • You want guidance from someone who has already been there and put hours of dedicated time into figuring out how to make this happen
  • You are a reiki healer, therapist or do any sort of healing work in this world and desire to take your skills and knowledge online with the added bonus of conscious energy connection

Month One

Learning all about the foundations of connecting to energy, setting up your routines and your branding boards


  • What is energy
  • Chakra & Auras
  • Creating Your Own Routines & Meditation practices
  • Grounding, Protecting, & Disconnecting
  • Subconscious Programming
  • Your Brand & Your Mission
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Month Two

Learning how to connect with others energy and building out your services and platform understanding

  • Learning to connect to others energy
  • Developing your 6th senses
  • Subconscious awareness
  • Social Platform set ups and marketing through facebook, instagram and email marketing
  • Building out your services
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Month Three

Learn to connect with spirit, building your self trust and routine cultivating your audience, and community. VIP Experience

  • Connecting with spirit
  • Structures & Boundaries
  • Learning Oracle Card Readings
  • Using Your Life Story To Cultivate Your Audience & Engagement
  • How to utilize stories, lives, educating your audience and content creation to sell
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Month Four

Tailoring messages to clients, overcoming doubt and limiting beliefs, how to navigate skeptics and making money online

  • Tailoring messages for clients
  • Self awareness to over come limiting beliefs and doubt
  • How to navigate skeptics
  • Launching and Selling your offers to make money and scale your business 
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The Break Down

13 Video Trainings[5,000]
3 1:1 Call [$2,331]
Course Workbooks [1,000]
Business Templates and Break downs [$3,000]

Total Value 

All For $2,222 !!

Bonus Access

'Mind My Morning' Virtual Meditation Daily Circle
Spirit Guide Workshop

ADD The VIP Experience

Become Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certified 
>>. Learn how to integrate your psychic & mediumship connection into a reiki healing treatment


$2,222 CAD

  • BONUS Energy Starter Kit Via Mail! 
  • ADD the VIP experience and receive Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certification
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$320 CAD / Month

  • 7 Monthly Payments of $320
  • ADD the VIP experience and receive Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certification
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Katie R

I have so much that I could say about Rylee! She is one of the most magical and inspiring people I have had the pleasure to know… and am fortunate enough to have her as a mentor! I started with her intuition academy, which made my want to dive in deeper and go on to mentorship 1x/week. Every week I would look forward to our mentor sessions together where, of course, Rylee continued to inspire me and introduce me to mind-blowing experiences and concepts. Her joy, wisdom, and connection helped me along my spiritual journey and to really learn to trust/listen to my inner intuition and experience my own magic! Not only does she makes this very applicable to your every day life but she makes it personalized for whatever your going through or are interested in. Highly recommend :) 

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Jessica H

I just got off a call with a client and it came up about her husband who had passed.

I shared with her what i’ve been learning and asked if she’d be open to me sharing a message as i could feel his presence;

I talked about the number 5 having a significance either to his passing or marriage, and she confirmed they were married on the 5th of november

I went on to share some more messages that i could feel coming from him

And she was moved by how out of everything, what i shared was what she needed most today.

I am in almost tears at how amazing this was and so thankful for you in teaching me how to do this work

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