Welcome Divine Soul To The New Earth Paradigm,


 Meet Rylee June

Intuition Master Coach / Spiritual Activator / Mentor

Rising your vibration to that of the new earth paradigm isn't just about you and your ascension. It is about the changes and transition you create equally in the world around you. The beginning is very much a focus on self and your own mastery, but take witness to the beauty and miracles as you transmute the dark and mundane within you along the way. Were were always destined for more, for spiritual and physical wealth. You were born enough,

And I am honoured to hold space for you and your re-activation back to your soulful self.


Though you may be beginning, Everything about your journey to the soul starts here

The feeling of longing for home that you have yet to find on this planet, is a calling to find connection to who you truly are and where you've come from; accessed within.

The deep feeling you receive from places, people and things is not your weakness, this is your super power you've been told is a sensitivity.

The feeling and visions of being here to do incredible things, this is the imprint you're soul is calling for you to access "what" through your self connection

Having seen spirits, light flashes, divine intervention, hearing God speak to you, premonitions, you were never crazy, others were just afraid of what you didn't know.

Your whole life you've been conditioned to believe you were meant to live in the societal box, when all this time you never felt like you fit it,

It's because you my love, were meant to stand out.

Are You Ready?

The Expander Membership

Healing was never meant to be done alone

This is. a space filled with soul family, women and men showing up to better themselves through monthly accountability, teachings and meditations. A community filled with support, encouragement and radical transformation

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$33 USD/ Month

  • Weekly Meditations
  • Monthly Energy Trainings
  • Monthly Group Coaching 
  • Community filled with encouragement and love
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Readings, Self Development & Soul Support


Clean Up Your Energy PDF

$4.44 USD

Workbook to support you breaking down and understanding your energy leaks

  • Rylee June's 4- Step method to unravel where you're limitations exist
  • Guarantee you will complete this with the awareness of where you get to take action next
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60 Minute Zoom Expansion Session

$333 USD

These sessions are designed to activate deeper self confidence, Intuition reading of your energy & a healing for interating all that moves through you in our time spent together

  • Intuitive Soul Reading
  • Self Awareness Of Whats Holding You Back
  • Intuition Development Exercise
  • Healing for energy integration; Lots of energy moves and comes up in these sessions, this ensures you walk away feel calm and at peace with your path forward
  • Divine Assignment To Support You Moving Forward
  • Recording Emailed To You For Replay
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Channeled Spirit Animal Art Paintings

These paintings are custom made to the individual who purchases. Rylee June will connect with your energy and paint on a 10X12 canvas the spirit animal that comes through for you. Every painting comes with a written letter describing the symbolism and messages this animal has for you.

Purchase Your Custom Painting Today $222 USD

Protect Your Child's Energy Workshop


This is a 1 hour training video that teaches you:
>About our sacred children here on earth and coming
>The gifts our children have and how to cultivate them
>How to neutralize your emotional triggers and reactions for yourself, and support your children
>Rising as a conscious parent and how you're healing the generation before you

+PDF download of the slides

Dive into the basic fundamental learning experience of your children, why your actions as a parents truly are everything to who they become and the abilities you and they have to ward of dark energies that may come to them.

Get Started $22 USD

Balance And Connection Workshop


This is a 1 hour training video that teaches you:
>How your energy influences the body
>How to shift your energy
>How to balance your energy when your emotions are non-neutral to your experience
>An intuition connection practice

+PFD Downloadable workbook

Dive into the basics of understanding the influence of your energy in your physical reality and walk away feeling deeper connection to self and the possibilities of manifestation available to you now.

Get Started $33 USD

"I'll take a chance on myself! And my growth and expansion. I'm getting so much opening up. Visions, nudges, intuition, such deep knowing. WOW. This is what i signed up for Rylee. I was ready to take a chance on myself and i was ready for so much more. This is the deep core shit that I wanted to move through and out and heal. And now i'm aligned again with my initial reason. I Want More. And i know it's there for me to go and get!. Thank you. I am finally HOME."

Annette W  
Registered Nurse

The Ascension Program

A 4 week training program that will teach you the tools to process your own blocks, expand your self awareness to unravel self limitations and connect you to a higher state of consciousness allowing you to manifest deeper clairty and desires in your physical reality.

Self Healing ToolKit That Will Help You With Long Term Awareness & Self Healing

Enrol Today For $137 USD

"I had the pleasure of working with Rylee on expanding my intutiion. Not only did she teach me how to find my own, but Rylee also taught me how to find myself. Coming from a religious state in the US, my voice and soul knowing has been stifled for almost my entire life. I was lucky enough to grab a bundle that she offered and I jumped in head first. Rylee gave me the confidence to raise my vibration that I knew I have had inside of me for eons. I just needed an amazing mentor such as herself to bring it out of me.
I am so glad i have had the opportunity to learn from the best. Rylee has used her gift to bring out my gift so I can pass on the hope, love and grace we all have inside outselves. I can't even begin to tell you what beautiful thigns are in store for myself. I just needed someone to show me the way to my own destiny"

Julie Bradford

The Destiny Moment

An 8 week group coaching program that will support you in redefining who you are, who you came here to be, and developing the long term skills to support you through all changes, transitions and break through your soul is ready to facilitate within you

Enrol Now - We Begin April 3rd
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