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Are you ready to truly uncover your limiting beliefs, spiritual gifts, and live a fully healed life?

As a recovering spiritualist I know what its like to fall victim to the deception of New Age Spiritualism and Law Of Attraction false promises.

You've likely invested countless time and money into your spiritual development and growth with the promise that you would attract what you want when you're on the right frequency or could fully heal from your past through meditation and spiritual codes. 

The truth is the only way to truly heal and up level your life healed is to do so in the light of God, developing your gifts inclined to his will for you, and following through with proper mind, emotion and physical protocols tailored specifically for you.

That is how you up level your frequency without having to be trapped in self- saviour complexes or survival mode constantly dis-regulating your nervous system

I have spent the past half a decade coaching and supporting 1000+ women across the world and have come to find that developing your gifts outside of God makes you susceptible to demonic entities, narcissistic characteristic development and never fully being able to heal yourself mind, body and spirit.

I have developed my own signature protocols through hypnosis for deep subconscious mind and emotional healing, intuition development in alignment with scripture for true spiritual protection and growth, while also teaming up with Doctor Jacque and his clinic to bring you an overall full life transformation and healing experience. 

Backed with science, scripture and psychology to help you finally free yourself of all that is holding you back from optimal performance. 

Get Connected - Intuition Session


Understand Your Dominant Intuitive Gift & Make Empowered Decisions
These sessions are designed to bring you clarity of your dominant intuitive gift
So that you can make empowered and clear intuitive while differentiating the voice of your ego and intuition

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Create Deeper Self Trust


Break Through Limiting Subconscious Beliefs In 60 Minutes
These sessions are hypnotic inductions designed to help you uncover the stories, memories, emotions and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in self sabotaging behaviours and habits keeping you from achieving more in your self and life.
>> Relax into your subconscious, expose and heal with an activated awareness.

Book Your 60 Minute Session Here

Alignment Sessions


Break Through What's Holding You Back In 90 Minutes.
These sessions are designed to bring you clarity beyond your personal barriers and subconscious limitations
While exposing you to your greater potential and next steps forward through your current challenges
The method used is my Signature Drop-Through Hypnotic Method that brings about personal self awareness, subconscious understanding into the stories that are playing in your mind holding you back, and a master plan propelling you forward.
>> Relax into your subconscious, expose and heal with an activated awareness.

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Belinda C

"Rylee has taught me so much about my self, my energy, creating daily practices. Most of all she has taught me how to believe in myself and trust myself. Before this I never trusted myself."

Ashley S

"Rylee supported me in owning and harnessing my intuitive gifts. I knew i was intuitive all of my life, but I never knew how to trust that part of me. She was able to guide me to decipher the difference. It was a life changing experience for me."

Jen L

"Rylee made everything so easy, pulling all her knowledge of years of experience. I feel like now my success is inevitable"

Courses For Spiritual Self Development


Intuition Immersion

An 8 week fundamental training, healing, energy and transformation program that will walk you through the Mental, Emotional, Behavioral and Spiritual awareness required for long term radical transformation for you and your life from the inside out.

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Destiny Moment Program

Take your connection, mindset and and presence in your life to the next level through out this 8 week energy expanding and immersive experience

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Courses For Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs Desiring To Start & Grow Your Business To 5- Figures


AEP Mastermind

A Mastermind Hybrid Program that combines all the technical and fundamental trainings required to start and grow a coaching/spiritual business online paired with arguably the most important aspect which is networking!
Create Impact & Income Helping Others Transform Their Lives Ethically & Authentically!

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