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GLDN Code Jewelry 

GLDN Code is a consciously created Demi-Precious jewelry that is infused with ultra healing and positive codes of energy.

This jewelry is designed to help you activate and open up your spirituality.

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Essential Oils To The Rescue!

Quailty essential oils can allow incredible benefits into your energy and life, i have been working with these for the past 2 years to really create a deeper understanding surrounding this product. Here are my go to's! *Always make sure to dilute your oils with a carrier oil if applying to the skin- Avocado oil or coconut are typically what i use. 1:1 Ratio -Click the image to snag your oils - Sign up is free and you receive 20% off (Wholesale Prices) Below is a beautiful video of different oils and their scientific affects on the brain.

Lift Your Spirits

These oils in particular have been a beautiful asset to me in opening up my chakras, releasing old energy, disconnecting from others energy and assisting in deeper meditations **Click on the image of the oils to pick yours up today**

Grounding & Calming

These 3 oils in particular are my go to's for grounding, meditation and calming my energy or helping me sleep. If you are a busy person, always on the go or an energy healer these would be what you need! **Click on the image of the oils to pick yours up today**

Stress Relief

Stress is the greatest cause of discontent in our lives, of course diffusing an oil won't change your circumstances, however their has been many studies done (Link Below) of the positive effects the young living brand has on the brain. These are my go to's for those extra trying days or when i am needing to create positive mental and energy shifts. **Click on the image of the oils to pick yours up today**

Effects Of Oils On The Brain

Here is an amazing video presentation of all the oils you will find in a starter kit and the effects they have on the brain, some of the oils above will be demonstrated in these videos (You can click through to choose) For more info feel free to email [email protected] Click the button below to learn about Oils!

My Favorites!

New To Working With Cards?

Here are my suggestions of the ones i use and have grown to love!

Getting Started With Crystals

Spiritual & Personal Development Resources

I have recently collaborated on a book with other beautiful soul teachers;

This is your old soul hand book with all things spiritual guidance, connection, understanding and more!

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