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Meet Your Conscious Healer

Meet Your Conscious Healer

Hello Love,

My name is Rylee June; Psychic Medium, International Mentor and CEO Of The Divine Expander Inc.

It was through learning to develop my own gifts that I came to realize I had stumbled upon the missing piece that every single human being comes to earth seeking. 
A deeper understanding and connection to the meaning of life.

It is through your connection to your intuition that you will be able to unlock meaning, connection, healing, source guidance and light unlike anything in your life.

And most importantly, it will bring you back to your soul connection. Home.


Thank you SO MUCH for this reading! i loved is so much!
I fully believe in all things spiritual and energy-based (being a reiki/crystal healer myself) but it always blocks my mind how spot on your readings are!
My friend and I were talking about going to Disney world last week! and i've been talking to my friend about doing a photoshoot! I'm not sure what the baby thing is about but i'm excited to find out!
I've been feeling on fire lately and was looking for some reassurance that i am going in the right direction. You provided that and so much more!

Thanks for all your light,


You. Are. Amazing. Truly!
I mean good actual lord! One of my lessons in life is speaking my truth! and i have a business i'm building on the side where i just my my Master Life + Mindset Coaching certification at the end of last year.

Lady, you're magic and i so appreciate your time and energetic gift! <3

P.S That morning and night mantra is my JAM! Thank you and i can't wait to see what unfolds in my life this year with it!

- Ashley M

Seriously you're so incredibly gifted and i'm blessed you came across my path through such a good friend of mine. What you validated for me last night still has me tearing up. I had held onto that for 3 years and you will never know how much I needed that. Blessed beyond belief!
Your soul is so refreshing and kind hearted i'm grateful for you and to have you in this group Lisa created can't wait to all get together one day!

- Amanda F

Channeled Art Painting

In these Channeled Art Pieces Rylee will sit down with your energy and channel your spirit animal and paint it on a canvas. 
That canvas along with a written letter with the meaning and a message your guides want to share will be mailed to you.
This could take up to 3 weeks ( Shipping May Be Longer) 
The painting is always completed within the first week of purchase shipping my cause you to receive this longer than 2 weeks.


**For US & Canada Only**

$111 CAD

Lovely Life Review Reading

A life review reading involved Rylee tapping into your energy and sharing guidance and insight in all areas of your life that your guides bring up to discuss!
(Health, Relationships, Money, Career, Self)
These readings will be sent out to you within 7 business days via email.


Emailed Only.

$111 CAD

3 Card Reading

3 cards will touch in where you are at currently in your life, what needs to be acknowledge with specific circumstances or situations and what you can expect for an outcome!

These readings will be sent out to you within 7 business days via email.


Emailed Only.

$40 CAD

In Person Space Clearings

This is only for Edmonton/ Leduc and surrounding area's.
Rylee June has a designated and trained healer who practices with Reiki and Access Consciouness Bars. Chantal will come to your space (COVID regulations honoured) and clear uplift the energy in your home. (Waiver Form for you to sign)

New home move ins or newly built home clearings and intention setting sessions are available as well.

You will be given a report of the energy cleared, intentions set, and anything else picked up on and connected too.

$100 CAD Per Clearing + Travel depending on location.

Please drop your contact information into the form and Rylee will reach out to you to schedule your Home Healing Session and answer any questions you may have.

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Intuition Development & Psychic Healing Session

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Waitlist For Readings

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