Energy Healings, Coaching And More

Rylee is a highly recognized energy healer and teacher helping you to create a new perspective within your energetic blocks, conditionings and future outcomes with the ability to connect you to your loved ones on the other side.


Intuitive Reiki Healing

Distant Reiki Sessions with intuitive guidance through out the session. During your distant healing with me, I will be recording myself aligning your energy, clearing up open timelines, healing subconscious energy all while sharing intuitively all that is coming up and being released; You will receive the recording following the session.

20 Minute Healing $77 CAD
30 Minute Reiki Healing $122 CAD

Psychic Life Reading

Connect with Rylee June via phone or zoom for a deep dive into your past, present and future During these sessions you will have an opportunity at the end to ask questions. These sessions are great if you desire guidance and/or insight into current circumstances/situations as well as how the past is affecting your current paradigm and outcomes in the future.

30 Minute Life Reading $180 CAD
50 Minute Life Reading $300 CAD

Expander Experience

Connect with Rylee June via phone or zoom for the Expander Experience This will be a session designed to deliver you guidance, connect with mediumship and coach you through current/past experiences to help you move through and navigate your own blocks beyond your current circumstance. Rylee will discuss and coach you on open timelines in this life and past lives that are affecting your current reality and what you can do to heal and close them. Rylee integrates teaching, energy reading and healing, as well as spirit messages into the Expander Experience so you can walk away with more than just guidance, but also way to navigate and create solution in your life. These sessions are great if you want to expand beyond and dive deeper into taking radical responsibility for your current paradigm and learn how to create the shifts of the future provided through out the session

60 Minute Expander Experience $333 CAD
90 Minute Expander Experience $444 CAD

Gift Certificate

Only Accepting E-Transfer Or PayPal 

Sent to [email protected]

Please make sure to include your email address in the purchase notes if paying by E-Transfer or PayPal.

A printable gift certificate will be emailed to you for the amount purchased.

Client Love

What have others said about their reading with Rylee

Amanda C

Loved my experience with Rylee, she was right on the nose with what I was feeling and working on and gave amazing guidance to what I need to be doing next. Love how friendly and approachable she is, such a beautiful person inside and out!

Tasha M

I loved my full reading with Rylee. Her guidance was very insightful and truly resonated with me. The connections to my departed loved ones was an experience I will treasure forever. Rylee is a beautiful soul and her connection to spirit is truly a gift.

Onalee M

Rylee was so sweet!! She was so spot on with everything she told me! My grandpa came through and told me some memories with my mom and I asked my mom and she confirmed! Her reading was so lovely and I highly recommend getting one with her!!! <3 she is easy to connect and talk to and will make you feel very comfortable!!!

Megan J

Thank you SO MUCH for this reading! i loved is so much!
I fully believe in all things spiritual and energy-based (being a reiki/crystal healer myself) but it always blocks my mind how spot on your readings are!
My friend and I were talking about going to Disney world last week! and i've been talking to my friend about doing a photoshoot! I'm not sure what the baby thing is about but i'm excited to find out!
I've been feeling on fire lately and was looking for some reassurance that i am going in the right direction. You provided that and so much more!

Thanks for all your light,

Ashley M

You. Are. Amazing. Truly!
I mean good actual lord! One of my lessons in life is speaking my truth! and i have a business i'm building on the side where i just my my Master Life + Mindset Coaching certification at the end of last year.

Lady, you're magic and i so appreciate your time and energetic gift! <3

P.S That morning and night mantra is my JAM! Thank you and i can't wait to see what unfolds in my life this year with it!

Amanda F

Seriously you're so incredibly gifted and i'm blessed you came across my path through such a good friend of mine. What you validated for me last night still has me tearing up. I had held onto that for 3 years and you will never know how much I needed that. Blessed beyond belief!
Your soul is so refreshing and kind hearted i'm grateful for you and to have you in this group Lisa created can't wait to all get together one day!




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