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Dive into 30 days of calibration where you can start each morning for 30 days getting in the habit of showing up for you, tuning into positivity, celebrating your wins and creating a flow in consistency!

(This is pre-recorded access to 30 days of recordings to help you tune into mindset positivity, scripture and motivation to keep going!)

Heal From Your Past

This 3 module course is designed to help you overcome your past by exposing it, understanding it, reframing it, and making peace with it so you can move forward a more confidence and composed you!

Within 3 hours you'll understand your past in a simplified way that allows you to detach from the stories and walk with more confidence in your every day life.

What You'll Learn:
1. Understanding your past
-Understand the impact of your past,
-How to identify triggers,
-Shifting your mindset and perspective.

2. Healing Your Past
-Bringing forgiveness to yourself and others
-How to make self care a priority even as a busy mom or highly driven successful woman
- Taking these lessons and creating a better future

3. Living In The Present

-Living a mindful life and being present in confidence
-How gratitude and prayer can bring you inner peace and keep you on track to seeing opportunities 
-Leaning into self compassion to rewire the negative voice that hinders you from believing in yourself and increases your seratonine through mindset and emotional healing.

What you'll get:

  • Access to 3 hours of training videos
  • PDF Workbook to move through the topics of support



** Disclaimer By purchasing this program you agree to the understanding that Rylee June is not a licensed therapist, doctor, mental specialist. That her knowledge and training comes from independent accredited studies, life experiences, and proven strategies for growth.
**Non-Refundable Program
- If you have an issue please contact [email protected] to discuss.

What People Are Saying:

WOW. I've had such clarity the last couple of days. I've gained the ability to think and take action AND understand my surroundings not just through feelings anymore. I see a lot of what I was missing. And I don't want to play in the sandbox... LIKE AT ALL. And I'm meant to help people in a completely different way. Continuing to blaze my trail. and the ones that misunderstand me... that has nothing to do with me.. If they didn't take the time to try and understand me there's really nothing I can do. Daring to be weird and different and have my own opinions/beliefs.. oh wait, you mean daring to be me? I'm finally free.