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Pair your 14 day Revival experience with 30 days of being consistent in building new habits, showing up for yourself daily and teaching yourself that YOU CAN do great things. 

Combating anxiety doesn’t happen when you get to the goals. It happens in the one degree shifts of change you make every day. 

Calibration is a 30 day habit building experience of showing up, planning and being dedicated to your change and growth with a faith led approach 🙌🏻


We live in a society that is inundated with fear propaganda,


Overwhelming feelings of not being enough because of our time spent scrolling Pinterest home decor for the seasons or other women/ moms who are seemingly crushing their home organization or patiences with this kids.

Facing information that constantly tells us the economy is crashing while also seeing out dollars not go as far.

You've likely found yourself in the middle of relationships and conversations where complaining about their life or the world has become a staple that makes the time pass, only to leave feeling more drained than when you arrived.

You've also likely found yourself deciding you need a change. 
-Your habits, your beliefs about whats possible, the quality of friendships you have and upgrading into a level of motivation and inspiration and deeper intimacy within your relationship.

You've decided you want more for yourself and your life and you're DONE with continuing to plug yourself into the mundane and fear of the world any longer.


The reason you have been stuck in this experience of being apart of the mundane and fear for as long as you have;
From not knowing how to tune out of it to no longer letting another Monday pass by once again "not starting" that routine you know it's time to begin, is simply because of this,

You are stuck in a survivalism pattern and belief that says "you have to save yourself"

Even though you often wake up with anxiety and hardly any energy left by noon.

So how do you break out?!

In this 14 day program you will go step by step to building the awareness as to the CAUSE of your anxiety and what beliefs and habits in your life are holding you back from finally accessing your greater potential.

Even more so, we tune into a faith led approach because the woman who is finally on the other side of being riddle with anxiety surrounding setting boundaries and finally showing up for better for herself and life KNOWS she does not have the strength alone and leaning on God IS the answer she's been praying for.

This program will have you in constant AH-HA moments that will spark such a deep conviction and motivation to take action on the daily to improve yourself and life.


👏Revived is about you uncovering that experience keeping you from finding grounding, peace and the confidence to tackle your personal life and rise above societal and personal anxieties.

If you have been feeling like you are meant for more, this program will help you clean up mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually what is holding you back so you can access greater starting TODAY!

Our 4 Core Pillars Of Transformation Will Be: 

Self Assessment - Uncovering the areas of life that require deeper support and healing

Subconscious Uncovering - Addressing the inner child wounds that are holding you back from moving forward

Behavioural Reprograming - committing to 96 Hours of 100% commitment to integrating changes

Celebration - Creating your masterplan to move forward & celebrating all you've accomplished and are looking forward to accomplishing in the following 30 days beyond this container.

What you'll get:

  • Daily videos emailed to you for coaching, subconscious/emotional/mindset/ behavioural training paired with a scripture to welcome the grace of God as you move through deeper self discovery and processing, 
  • Access to the replays via your login library
  • PDF downloadable workbook to support you in daily reflections and consistency


Each day will ask small tasks of you to accomplish to uncover what is standing in your way, to shift your perspective, emotional attachments and behaviours that have created barriers holding you back from moving forward

**This purchase is non-refundable