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Pair your 14 day Revival experience with 30 days of being consistent in building new habits, showing up for yourself daily and teaching yourself that YOU CAN do great things. 

Combating anxiety doesn’t happen when you get to the goals. It happens in the one degree shifts of change you make every day. 

Calibration is a 30 day habit building experience of showing up, planning and being dedicated to your change and growth with a faith led approach 🙌🏻


We live in a society that is inundated with fear propaganda,

People are aren’t seeing their dollar go as far as it used to,

You’re likely spending time working on your own personal development in the midst of an emotionally reactive society,

Mothers feeling abandoned by policies and systems that hardly supported them to begin with unless they needed medication to numb out,

Our teens are displaced and constantly pedalled ideologies that hinder their ability to construct an identity of self because logic is taken away from them.

If you’re annoyed with the constant advocate agendas being pedalled all the while a week later the opposite agenda strikes up a March for the other wise

Society tells us to have boundaries in relationships while we are programmed to be reactive instead of responsive and lack the understanding of how to communicate our emotions calmly, openly, rationally.

Every where you turn there’s an ad telling you about the end of the world or the collapse of the economy.

If you’re reading this and you’re like 🥴That’s a lot.

Maybe some of these stand out to you because you too have been struggling to find a balance in it all.

Has the state of the world and overbearing news made you lose sight of your passions or even just the simple things you like to do.

Maybe your health has suffered due to the amount of stress of how to navigate a world post Covid.

Anxiety sneaks in and consumes our thoughts, our bodies and our spirit in the midst of everything happening right now.


👉🏻All of these are your triggers of your anxiety

But the root cause is different.

It’s a story,
A memory,
An event

That took place that has not been rectified that still to this day keeps you from feeling safe.

👏Revived is about you uncovering that experience keeping you from finding grounding, peace and the confidence to tackle your personal life and rise above societal and personal anxieties.

Our 4 Core Pillars Of Transformation Will Be: 

Self Assessment - Uncovering the areas of life that require deeper support and healing

Subconscious Uncovering - Addressing the inner child wounds that are holding you back from moving forward

Behavioural Reprograming - committing to 96 Hours of 100% commitment to integrating changes

Celebration - Creating your masterplan to move forward & celebrating all you've accomplished and are looking forward to accomplishing in the following 30 days beyond this container.

What you'll get:

  • Daily videos emailed to you for coaching, subconscious/emotional/mindset/ behavioural training paired with a scripture to welcome the grace of God as you move through deeper self discovery and processing, 
  • EXCLUSIVE: Sweatshirt!
  • Access to the replays via your login library
  • PDF downloadable workbook to support you in daily reflections and consistency


Each day will ask small tasks of you to accomplish to uncover what is standing in your way, to shift your perspective, emotional attachments and behaviours that have created barriers holding you back from moving forward

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