Mind My Morning Meditation Circle

+A virtual Monday - Friday Zoom virtual meditation 15-20 minutes long where we come together at 10 am MST and you will be guided through a different meditation daily.
+Access to a community portal with a guided meditation bank for access to all recorded meditations and others to connect and share with.

The best way to optimize your day is to align your body, spirit and mind!
$10 CAD/ Month

Join The Virtual Meditation Circle

Monthly Membership Includes

+Customized focus reading for the month (Value $30)
+Access to Mind My Morning virtual meditation circle and community (Value $10)
+Access to each months 1 hour energy training & worksheets (Value $47)
+Affirmation worksheet for the month (Value $5)
+Portal access to past Trainings (Value $540)

Total Value $632

Everything can be accessed through the membership portal
As well as additional personal and spiritual development resources.

Join Today!

This will be a monthly charge, if at any point you want to cancel no additional charge will apply

Expect to receive your reading between the 1st and 5th each month 

You are asked to provide you birth month and address, if you're apart of the membership for the month of your birthday something special from spirit may just arrive on your door step <3


 $47CAD / month

**No Cancellation fee applies**
*Disclaimer: Readings do not replace financial, medical or therapist recommendations**


Monthly Expansion Membership

Join Just The Expansion Workshop

October's expansion training will be on Connecting With Your Divine Team.

You will learn:

>The different between, guides, angels and loved ones
>The purpose each one holds for you

>How to communicate with each for self
>Who you’re receiving what signs from

Each one serves a special purpose and in times of change knowing your Divine Teams allows you to KNOW you are supported and by whom!

My Divine Team has been a blessing to know and connect with. In times of feeling lonely, in need of clarity, when discovering deeper levels of myself, having my team to call upon and not only feel supported for to be able to know how to trust in the signs they send my way has made a great difference in building my trust in myself and these connections every day.

$33 CAD To Join


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