You've Been Awaiting Life Times For This Moment Here And Now To Claim The Sovereignty And Expansion That You've Always Been Destined For 

As you enter this portal, accelerating you towards you mission, I encourage you to do so with your heart open and your mind clear.

You are here on purpose. Your soul picked now to incarnate and impact this world with the gifts you've always contained and now feel called to share. Ultimately your ipact, your influence, your efforts are needed to steer the collective, aligning and ascending them towards truth, love and healing. Your mission was never about you. It has and will always be about those you serve.


God has always had big plans for you, and may this space be the access, understanding and connection you have been seeking. The time has come to step up with intention and confidence as your highest self.

I am honoured to have you and your power in this space, may God bless you a mission times over as you lead with your grace.

Welcome to your accelerated ascension.

If your heart is saying YES, you are someone I would love to mentor, train and invest my energy into sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have learned and accessed over the years to be able to teach the connection and success I've been able to created today.

The skills you will walk away with, the knowledge of your own internal wisdom, the intentional connection to your business that you will create WILL set you apart from the rest. 

It's likely you've always felt like you were meant for something big, but life conditioned you to believe that was a celebrities dream. I am here to stand firm in knowing that if you are crossing this page it is because you truly were meant for more, and that is your truth you feel in your bones.

You've gone through an initiation, you've over come so much and you can't fight the calling to be the way shower of humanity in this global rising any longer.

I Want In!

This Mastermind is for

  • The woman who is new to offering her gifts to the world and is ready create financial freedom while serving the collective whole heartedly

  • For the woman who is ready to take her self, gifts and business to the next level.

  • For the woman who is seeking a deeper understanding, control and expansion within her self, her intuition abilities and her mission in this world

  • For the woman who is willing to do the work, to hold herself to the commitment of the goals, visions and dreams and no matter where she is and what may come up, her devotion is most important above all else

  • This is for the woman who is no longer available to be in the uncomfortable of whats not working, and is ONLY available for co-creation with her divine purpose in this world 
  • The Spiritual Entrepreneur making between $0 - $100K in her business

  • This Mastermind is for the woman who is no longer available for sitting on the side lines and watching her dreams of being self sustainable in all facets of life slip by for another year.

"I’m proud of myself for having more confidence in myself and my readings I have been getting so many new clients and it’s amazing to help them all with energy readings and contacting passed loved ones"



What You'll Learn Through Out This Experience

Business Development

Learn how to actually set up and run an online business with your mission and energy infused into the experience.

From set up, to whats required to run an efficient business and what to plan for in the long run.

Intuition Development

Psychic and mediumship development throughout.
Learn how to tap into elemental connection, clairsenses, and reading spirit with ease and flow.
Learn how to neutralize clients energy throughout emotionally heightened sessions as well as your own.
You will walk away with the skills to:
-Read Your Energy & Others
-Deliver Messages
- The Ability to coach your clients through deeper transformation
-Tools & techniques to support your business in long term growth


Deep dives on building irresistible offers, how to infuse ethics and standards into your work and showing up with a powerful brand and message that magnetizes the perfect clients.

Walking away with 2-3 skills that you can apply to your current or newly curated offers to support your clients healing and expansion

This container will completely revolutionize the way you walk, choose, live, and breath in your life.


Get access to industry leaders as guest experts each month in the realms of Legal Support With Eric Masson Mindset Reprogramming With Corey Philips, and Manifestation with Lindsay Rose 

PLUS a community of like minded mission driven women who are taking their skills and gifts and bringing them to light in this world

Your Free & Aligned Life & Business Awaits You Now

If you are building a spiritual brand in the online world today, it is so powerful for you to understand how to hold space for people appropriately to your skills and develop the experience that is sacred to your mission and the clients you are paving the way for, While creating a kickass brand that stands out and magnetizes your desires awakening within your heart.

My Soul Is Calling Me To This!

This Is An Industry Of Intention Which Means Your Standards For Your Work Must Surpass "Just Starting"

I hold my students and healers to high standards. I teach you how to be responsible and ethical with your work. I love from the bottom of my heart that you are leading with love and light and genuinely desiring to make the world a better place, that is so important, but it is also important to ensure your work is protected as well as your clients in the spaces you are creating for them to heal.
It is not enough to just be able to read energy, when you are clearing out peoples energy and accessing messages from their field that may be triggering or bring up a past left behind by your client, it is vitally important that you are equipped with the tools to support that client and know when to offer additional resources outside of your zone of genius.

I teach my students how to properly protect your services with terms, agreements, policies and disclaimers. 

While also teaching you tools to be able to neutralize your clients if emotions should rise during sessions. << This is such an important asset to the work you are doing. Especially as you are opening up peoples energy fields and helping them move and clear unknown energy in their subconscious and unconscious.

These Next Five Months Are Here To Light Your Soul On Fire, Ignite Your Mission And Prepare You For The World.

There is no better position to be in than one where you are awakening humanity, tapping into capabilities, confidence and strength within yourself and working in an aligned and free, prosperous way.

Stepping into the divine conduit for God/Universe to flow through you is a power we were all born to tap into. I am truly honoured to welcome you into this community with other healers and light workers stepping into the passion and mission awakening within their soul.

Meet Your Mentor

Rylee June is an international conscious mentor and psychic activator. She works with women and men all over the world mentoring them on how to tap into their intuition abilities, expand their consciousness and energy, and recognize the patterns, behaviours and beliefs that are holding them back from their greatest life possible.

Through teaching self accountability and alignment Rylee has helped 1,000's of divine souls step into their life's purpose and pursue passions, ideas, and deep desires that they once only believed was a dream for "one day"

Rylee June has been able to build her brand to multiple 6 figures within 4 years, starting from re-activating her psychic connection in 2017 - retiring her husband in 2019. She hopes to awaken the sleeping light workers and inspire them to take action on their dreams and know that quantum leap to living in that reality is not as far away as it seems.

Month One

Business Requirements & Identity Foundation

We start with the dance of all things what is needed to run a successful and profitable business. From breaking down the financials of your life and strategies to going deep within the identity work of who you are as a CEO of your business and vision. Understanding the dreams clients you serve and your brands identity as a whole.

Month Two

Energy Development & Intuition Expansion

We dive into the feminine energy of all things expanding your consciousness and leaning into the healing to help you ascend into the identity of your CEO vision. Rooting in the beliefs and subconscious programming to help you thrive long term. Developing your intuition skills to read energy ethically and understanding your responsibility with your profound gifts.

Month Three

Strategizing & Planning For The Future

Understanding how to plan for the future of your business and self. Breaking down how to plan financially for your success and building protective measures around your business for you and your clients. Seeing what it takes to bring your vision to life long term and how to price and scale according to your model

Month Four

Consciousness Ascension & Celebration Of Your Soulful Self

Expanding your knowledge on reading spirit energies, healing any unsealed pieces of who you were coming up through your expanded consciousness,  celebrating who you've become and aligning with the flow of the attraction of the clients finding you now.

Month Five

Consciousness Expansion

This month is solely dedicated to practicing your skill sets, personalized coaching supporting you where you are at this time in this space and networking with your new found soul tribe.


What You Receive In This Sacred Space

5 Month Of LIVE Coaching And Mentoring Support

+3 Calls / Month With Rylee (60-75 Minutes) (Value $6,000)
+ 1 Call / Month With A Guest Teacher (Value $2,000)
+Mastermind PDF Blueprint To Create, Plan & Ascend Your Energy With Your Vision Of Your Business (Value $3,000)
+Guided Meditations Exclusive To The Mastermind (Value $300)
+Private Facebook Community To Connect With Your Soul Sisters (Priceless)
+ One 1:1 Strategy Session To Use Throughout The 5 Months (Value $777)

Total Value: $12,077

BONUS: Access to the guest training calls and bonus trainings for 12 months

Each Member Will Receive Upon Enrolment
A Customized Align And Ascend Mastermind 'Ascension' Tool Kit Designed By The One And Only Dakota Wallace Founder Of

Course Bonus's $1,700 + Value!

Bonus Trainings added this round is:
-How to build an online course
-Building out income streams
-How to run a webinar


How To 'Self Publish' Training

A training walking you through how to self publish and bring even more experiences to your audience
( Value $497 )

How To Create Print On-Demand Products

Everyone loves merch! A training teaching you how to create your own print. on-demand merch so that you can monetize your brand designs
( Value $333 )

How To Create A Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to build authority with your audience and equally have an additional space where you can build even more value for your clients. Learn how to start up a podcast from scratch and launch!
( Value $597 )

Email Marketing Creation

Learn how to convert your followers into your own trackable mailing list. 
In the world of today's social media, your "followers" are not guaranteed sales, nor are they transferable. However your mailing list is. This is what brands look for when it comes to sponsorships and an effective way to grow your clients
Learn from a free- paid experience
( Value $297 )

Ascension Tool Kits 

Your ascension tool kit will be sent out upon enrolment! Channeled, designed and created from the beautiful Dakota Wallace founder of @daydreamersapothecary

Your Business Is More Than Money, It Is Your Souls Mission

Money is only the tool that compliments your energy and service. Though I will teach you how to create money with your offers and strategies, whats more important and magnetic is the way you will show up to share your mission with your audience, and ultimately the world. 

People feel your heart, your heart is your money maker, no longer do we reside in the times where hustle will get us to where we want to be, but the divine feminine we awaken within ourselves to heal, serve and naturally prosper accordingly. 

The world needs you. It needs your mission, it needs your work, and it needs you to experiences your desires on your heart.

Because as you attract, ask for and align with the desires in your heart, your services will illuminate peoples lives and create a positive and impactful ripple affect of change in this awakened world.

 I spent years trying to figure out what I didn't know on my own, trying to move through my limitations thinking one day I would do better.

When I finally invested in experience I knew was going to help me, I finally was able to accelerate through a threshold I wasn't going to be able to go through on my own.

Lean into the hell yes, your soul is guiding you too, 

Is the first fully embodied experience of trusting in your soul.

Kirsta Breeza
Vibrational Medicine Healer & Intuitive Coach

"To be honest I really didn't know what i was getting myself into. I guess you just take a leap of faith when you feel deep down in your soul that you're meant for more.

In the first couple weeks of the mastermind I manifested singing bowls & a month after that I began a sound healing business. Something I didn't even realize I wanted (the experience has been incredible so far).

In this container I grew confident in myself. I built a healthier relationship with money and realized there is no limit on the amount of dreams & desires in this life. Not only do you get the chance to work with Rylee who is an absolute wealth of knowledge and the most beautiful soul. You also build empowering friendships with the other members in the group. I'm so glad I did this. I will never stop saying that the best thing I've ever done was invest in myself. I'm sad it's over but man, I am so fucking proud of me. "


Pay In Full

Receive a BONUS 50 Minute Soul Accelerator Coaching Call
VIP Option Available

$4,999 CAD

5 Payments

VIP Option Available

5 Payments Of $1,011 CAD

9 Payments

Don't miss out on bringing your souls mission to life
VIP Option Available

9 Payments Of $560

12 Payments

Don't miss out on bringing your souls mission to life
VIP Option Available

12 Payments Of $450

Take-Away From An Energy Connection Exercise Inside The Mastermind


The element I chose was water.
 I was quite surprised with this because I’ve always been drawn to trees but wow what an experience...
after all I am a water sign cancer
In the shower I got
- go with the flow & easy going
- strong, powerful & support
Then I decided to go into the pool 
- you are in rough waters & things are going to settle down soon it’s ok everything will be clear.
- you have the ability to life yourself up to great things hold yourself high
- you have the ability you go up & down ebb & flow, stay strong, you can create anything you want, you have support, the knowing, the strength.
I felt like I became 1 with the water  it was surrounding me & fully supporting me & I could feel the energy off water bit silly but I didn’t realize water had energy I new it was energy but I could actually feel it around my feet & all the way up my legs.. I just felt fully connected... empowered..
I didn’t want to get out.. lol 
I looked at my pool today with new eyes, I now know that I can go into the pool & connect to the water & feel reborn, fresh, leaving all the negativity or stuff behind come out feeling cleansed & clear..
Thank you Rylee for bringing this amazing realization to my attention...