There are 3 things all Spiritual Entrepreneurs need to be successful



Your foundational connection, your skillsets to support, the vision of who you are, and the authenticity you show up with


Rome wasn't built over night, even if you're a few years in we get to keep redefining our why to make it strong and strong so we show up to support the people who you truly know can benefit immensely from your light.


A map without direction is simply just a puzzle, breaking out your plan through proven steps, actionable and things to implement along the way will be the determination of your success from an over night sensation to long term growth and sustainablity.

Just Imagine

In 90 Days having the clarity, skills and steps to take so you can evolve into your next level.

Knowing how to break through your ceilings when you hit the "I Don't Know What To Do Next" phases

 You were making the 5K-10K months, replacing your 5 figure job and scaling to 6 figure years helping people all over the world heal from what is holding them back

 You were attracting ideal clients who were ready for the deeper transformational work and were trained in how to walk your clients through deeper emotional, mental and spiritual transformations

 You had the courage, confidence and tangible knowledge to show up consistently and not have to feel like you need to send messages like "Your guides have a message for you, want a reading.." to make more sales without feeling scammy.

You had the know how of what to do to get started in your spiritual practice

Having the liabilities within your business mitigated, properly set up and your clients protected from the potential mental, emotional and spiritual threats that do come with this line of work.

Being able to call your spouse to be home full time because you have a profitable, sustainable and magnetic business

You walk with the authority and are the GO-TO expert surrounding your spiritual services and practice because you have the skills, knowledge and understanding of what it takes, whats required and what you need to be able to grow organized and aligned within your gifts and business.

Networking with like minded soul sisters who are making an impact in this world too.

Having the time of your life healing, developing and planning while alleviating the headache of trying to do it all alone.

I Want In!

This Mastermind is for you if...  

  • You have spiritual services and products but struggle to get consistent sales 
  • You want to tangible skills and strategies that everyone else has that gets them the 5K-10K months 
  • You aim to be the Go-To person with your skills and modalities
  • You want to easy steps and direct focus's that are going to help you make the most impact with your gifts
  • You've learned a modality and are ready to offer it as a service and create a business surrounding your skills and ability to help others 
  • You're ready to be fully aligned in your spiritual practice and root into Christ Consciousness to take up your God given space on this earth.
  • Be able to make confident and strategic decisions back with the emotional, mental and spiritual balance and alignment as you grow and evolve in your self, life and practice.  
  • You want the freedom lifestyle that having your own business can provide without sacrificing constantly managing and giving up so much time 
  • You want to be able to support your clients in deeper transformational work without harming people physiologically, emotionally or mentally and have the legal protection to back that up 
  • You're tired of always having to 'meditate on it' or figure it out alone as your strategy and you're ready to go all in. 
  • You are seeking your sisterhood soul tribe to co-create and lock arms with

The 3 Pillars Of Mastery You'll Learn:

Mindset and Energy Development

Go deeper into the stories, beliefs and energy frequency you're currently running to be able to shift, heal and quantum leap into your next level

>>In order to get you to where you want to be you first have to unpack where you are.

  • Through thought reflection techniques to break through your current energy signature
  • Establishing the root connection into Christ Conscious and leading from an ethically spiritually aligned space with Christ.
  • Rewritting your story of who you were Destined to be so you can leap and take up your God given space on this earth.

**These are also tools you will learn to turn around and support your clients with for deeper self reflective transformation that they can use for themselves

Intuition & Skill Development

Develop your ability to connect more in depth with your intuition, how to go deeper with your support with your clients, and training in my Signature EVOLUTION technique that will help not only your clients but you as well bust through literally any story, wound or conflict you or they face

  • Intuition training and development to more accurately read your clients energy to know how to support them
  • EVOLUTION method training and practice to break through any and all limitations and barriers
  • Primary foundational coaching reflections to support your clients no matter what energy service you offer so they can walk away with the awareness they need for long term sustainable healing

**Deep transformational tools for you to help guide your clients through emotional, mental and spiritual breakthroughs

Business Development

Learn how to actually set up and run an online business with your mission and energy infused into the experience.

From set up: What's required to run an efficient and successful business and how to plan for long term scalability and growth

  • Your legal needs for business and client protection
  • Check list of what you get to put into place to create consistency, organization and flow both structurally with your offers as well as financially and time management around social media and growth hacks.
  • A high level customer experience training
  • Integrating other projects and monetizing for scalability
  • Upgrading your money mindset and receivables earning you a higher more consistent revenue.

The Align & Ascend Mastermind is a 90 day live program that supports you in intuition-energy skill development, personalized coaching, accountability, guest industry leading expert training and business development and mentorship 

In this program you will learn:

Creating your irresitible signature offer, simplfying business as a spiritual entrepreneur, cultivating community, selling, mindset, intuition growth and alignment for a 5-6 figure entrepreneur

Upon enrolment you will have access to all guest trainings available PLUS access to the fb community to be able to receive support and before we even get started. 

This round will have only 15 students to keep it intimate, personable and experiencial so that you and your growth does not go overlooked through weekly group calls and a community chat for accountability, goal setting and troubleshooting

This Is An Industry Of Intention Which Means Your Standards For Your Work Must Surpass "Just Starting"

I hold my students and healers to high standards. I teach you how to be responsible and ethical with your work. I love from the bottom of my heart that you are leading with love and light and genuinely desiring to make the world a better place, that is so important, but it is also important to ensure your work is protected as well as your clients in the spaces you are creating for them to heal.
It is not enough to just be able to read energy, when you are clearing out peoples energy and accessing messages from their field that may be triggering or bring up a past left behind by your client, it is vitally important that you are equipped with the tools to support that client and know when to offer additional resources outside of your zone of genius.

I teach my students how to properly protect your services with terms, agreements, policies and disclaimers but most importantly with the skillsets to know how to guide them deeper while also understanding your boundaries and limitations.

While also teaching you tools to be able to neutralize your clients if emotions should rise during sessions. << This is such an important asset to the work you are doing. Especially as you are opening up peoples energy fields and helping them move and clear unknown energy in their subconscious and unconscious.

These Next 90 Days Are Here To Light Your Soul On Fire, Ignite Your Mission And Prepare You For The World.

There is no better position to be in than one where you are awakening humanity, tapping into capabilities, confidence and strength within yourself and working in an aligned and free, prosperous way.

Stepping into the divine conduit for God to flow through you is a power we were all born to tap into. I am truly honoured to welcome you into this community with other healers and light workers stepping into the passion and mission awakening within their soul.

Meet Your Mentor

Rylee June is an international Intuition Master Coach and Spiritual Activator. Over the past half a decade she has support tens of thousands of people in healing, starting up their spiritual practice and ultimately helping them to find the joy, love and freedom that their heart truly desires.

Rylee June has a mission of revolutionizing what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur. To bring faith back into the foundation of teachings, to properly and ethically train spiritual way showers in what it means and what is required to ethically hold space for someone moving through a healing while impacting a million people over her life time in receiving and experiencing the tools and techniques to support them in over coming anything that stands in their way from accessing their greatest potential and the life they truly desire to live out. She has fallen in love with helping women who are helping women heal others souls and find that faith, connection and joy that they once felt robbed of.

Rylee June has built a multiple 6 figure business that is designed around her life; one where she wakes up to enjoying her children and husband every day, being able to travel as she feels called and know that joy and love are an experience she gets to encapsulates in everything she lives and breaths. She knows she was sent here to awaken souls into their purpose and to support them in bringing that mission to life.

Month One

Mindset and Energy Development

This is where the fundamental principles of energetic, emotional and physical preparation takes place for your long term growth and expansion.

-Breaking down the emotions of the past
-Reframing your thoughts and energy to set yourself up for success
-Learning how to by pass your subconscious mind (Fears and ego holding you back)
-All your foundational business start up and maintenance needs for long term growth.
(what to do, what you need, and what you can plan for later)

Month Two

Intuition & Skill Development

Deep diving into intuition training and development along with the skill set to take your clients through deeper break through and transformations.
From the skill set to read energy and deliver messages, to the coaching skills required to support your clients in deeper break throughs and self awareness. 

-Foundational coaching skills for client depth and transformation
-How to create valuable fail proof sessions with your clients
-Intuition connection and development to read energy

Month Three

Business Development

Understanding how to plan for the future of your business and self. Breaking down how to plan financially for your success and building protective measures around your business for you and your clients. Seeing what it takes to bring your vision to life long term and how to price and scale according to your model

-Selling and sales mastering
-Building communities and processes to support long term growth
-Final call is tailored around Q & A and what you need in your business and self to move the needle forward emotionally, mentally, and physically.


What You Receive In This Sacred Space

3 Month Of LIVE Coaching And Mentoring Support

+3 Calls / Month With Rylee (60-75 Minutes) (Value $6,000)
+ 1 Call / Month With A Guest Teacher (Value $1,500)
+Mastermind PDF Blueprint To Create, Plan & Ascend Your Energy With Your Vision Of Your Business (Value $3,000)
+Guided Meditations Exclusive To The Mastermind (Value $300)
+Private Facebook Community To Connect With Your Soul Sisters (Priceless)
+ One 1:1 Strategy Session To Use Throughout The 3 Months (Value $777)

Total Value: $11,577

BONUS: Access to the guest training calls and bonus trainings for 12 months

Each Member Will Receive Upon Enrolment
A Customized Align And Ascend Mastermind 'Ascension' Tool Kit Designed By The One And Only Dakota Wallace Founder Of

Course Bonus's $2,000 + Value!

How To 'Self Publish' Training

A training walking you through how to self publish and bring even more experiences to your audience
( Value $497 )

How To Create Print On-Demand Products

Everyone loves merch! A training teaching you how to create your own print. on-demand merch so that you can monetize your brand designs
( Value $333 )

How To Create A Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to build authority with your audience and equally have an additional space where you can build even more value for your clients. Learn how to start up a podcast from scratch and launch!
( Value $597 )

Email Marketing Creation

Learn how to convert your followers into your own trackable mailing list. 
In the world of today's social media, your "followers" are not guaranteed sales, nor are they transferable. However your mailing list is. This is what brands look for when it comes to sponsorships and an effective way to grow your clients
Learn from a free- paid experience
( Value $297 )

How To Run a Webinar

Webinars are great ways to bring more traffic to your business, email lists and communities. They are also a standard practice for converting potential customers into customers. 
( Value $597 )

How To Create A Course

The best way to scale your services is to find the common themes your clients struggle with and turn it into a course that your clients can enrol into and learn from you without exchanging your time constantly teaching the same thing individually.
( Value $997 )

Ascension Tool Kit 

Your ascension tool kit will be sent out upon enrolment! Channeled, designed and created from the beautiful Dakota Wallace founder of @daydreamersapothecary

What It's Costing You To Not Get The Help Now


 I spent years trying to figure out what I didn't know on my own, trying to move through my limitating thoughts and beliefs, energy and self understanding hoping one day I would do better, be better or experience different.

When I finally invested in the experience of learning from people and programs that actually taught me what I needed to know, I finally was able to accelerate through a threshold I wasn't going to be able to go through on my own.

Lean into the hell yes, your soul is guiding you too, 

You can't make more money without understanding how to.

You can't build a community without understanding how to.

You can't take your clients through a deeply transformational experience without understanding how to hold space for different perceptions, beliefs and understandings.

This program is here to help you get over the hill of finally knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and when to execute on it so that you can be the facilitator of change and create the profitability that you desire to.

Kirsta Breeza
Vibrational Medicine Healer & Intuitive Coach

"To be honest I really didn't know what i was getting myself into. I guess you just take a leap of faith when you feel deep down in your soul that you're meant for more.

In the first couple weeks of the mastermind I manifested singing bowls & a month after that I began a sound healing business. Something I didn't even realize I wanted (the experience has been incredible so far).

In this container I grew confident in myself. I built a healthier relationship with money and realized there is no limit on the amount of dreams & desires in this life. Not only do you get the chance to work with Rylee who is an absolute wealth of knowledge and the most beautiful soul. You also build empowering friendships with the other members in the group. I'm so glad I did this. I will never stop saying that the best thing I've ever done was invest in myself. I'm sad it's over but man, I am so fucking proud of me. "


Guest Experts To Learn From In This Round:

Haley Cole

Brand Expert & Strategist
>Getting your clear on the vision of your brand, aesthetics and customer experience

Hayley has a strong background in marketing and design work. Having worked for many companies before through marketing and brand development, she has built and curated her own business now supporting others in getting clear in what is required foundation-ally to really stand out in your industry.

Kimberley Valerie

Founder of The E.D.G.E Coaching method
>> Bringing foundation practices, understanding and tools to those supporting others through spiritual practices. 

Kimberley has 20 years of knowledge through social working and bring her background to the personal development industry by equipping you with the tools required to actually hold space for someone else in their healing.

Business Guest Expert

To Be Announced...!

The First Step To The Rest Of Your Life


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Receive a BONUS 50 Minute Soul Accelerator Coaching Call With Rylee June
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$2,999 USD

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Don't miss out on bringing your souls mission to life
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12 Payments

12 months of access to all the content and trainings available to you
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12 Payments Of $255 USD

Take-Away From An Energy Connection Exercise Inside The Mastermind


The element I chose was water.
 I was quite surprised with this because I’ve always been drawn to trees but wow what an experience...
after all I am a water sign cancer
In the shower I got
- go with the flow & easy going
- strong, powerful & support
Then I decided to go into the pool 
- you are in rough waters & things are going to settle down soon it’s ok everything will be clear.
- you have the ability to life yourself up to great things hold yourself high
- you have the ability you go up & down ebb & flow, stay strong, you can create anything you want, you have support, the knowing, the strength.
I felt like I became 1 with the water  it was surrounding me & fully supporting me & I could feel the energy off water bit silly but I didn’t realize water had energy I new it was energy but I could actually feel it around my feet & all the way up my legs.. I just felt fully connected... empowered..
I didn’t want to get out.. lol 
I looked at my pool today with new eyes, I now know that I can go into the pool & connect to the water & feel reborn, fresh, leaving all the negativity or stuff behind come out feeling cleansed & clear..
Thank you Rylee for bringing this amazing realization to my attention...