There Are 3 Things All Faith Based Coaches Need To Be Successful

Faith & Skills

Putting your faith in bringing God's will through above your own desires and Knowledge of how to help your clients understand their behaviours, habits, identity and wounds the enemy has them harbouring 


Be in it for the long game. Building a coaching business online takes time, consistency and testimony. The more you show up the more people will get to know why you are the go to person for them


A map without direction is simply just a puzzle. Your business is unique to you, yet business period is always the same. Having a plan that doesn't just get peoples eyes on your work and views but equally gets them INVOLVED is the difference between someone who agrees with you and can't wait to pay you.

Most importantly coming together with a village of other women who are inspired to bring the word of God to more on this earth. Life as a faith based coach can feel condeming when the enemy's voice seems louder. 

But Matthew 28:19-20

It's a command that Jesus set out for us: to be the catalyst for eternal heart change in our neighbors and throughout the world as we share God's Word with others.

  • Do you struggle to know what to do when your clients are breaking out into emotions during their sessions?
  • Do you fear a client having a break down during a sessions and what you would do?
  • Would you like to get access to the actual steps of starting and running your coaching/healing business online?
  • Do you want to be able to love your signature product and know exactly how to launch and sell it?
  • Do you desire to make more money in your business, Crack those 5, 10, 15K months?
  • Do you struggle to get people to pay you for your work?
  • Do you struggle to confidently sell your offers, but you have a burning desire to help others transform their life?
  • Do you want to build a business that doesn't require you to be online all the time?
  • Do you want access to training's from industry leaders without having to pay to join all of their programs?
I Want In!

The Aligned Entrepreneur Mastermind is a rolling mastermind and program filled with teachings, training's, and insight to help you grow your business online.

The struggle doesn't have to be real when it comes to running your business online and supporting your clients on a deeper level.


You have a mission burning in your heart; One that empowers women to discover their worth and equally one that allows you to live a greater life, and there's nothing to be ashamed of about that.


I don't believe you should have to invest in multiple programs and containers to be able to get access to the information, training's, industry leaders and network to be able to build, grow and scale your mission in this online space.

It's easy to believe its a saturated market when you are not sure what you are doing, and tha'ts exactly what this program helps you to understand. 
Exactly how to market, deliver and share your mission with the world.

In this program you will learn:

Creating your irresistible signature offer, simplifying business as a coach/ spiritual entrepreneur, cultivating community, selling, mindset, intuition growth and alignment from start up to 6 figure entrepreneur

Upon enrollment you will have access to all training's and resources, access to the Facebook community to be able to receive support no matter where you're at in your journey

It doesn't matter what platform you're on, or how many funnels you run,

I've learned that if you're not getting in the room with other people doing big things, creating clarity around your offer, and simplifying your processes in your business, you'll always run loops around yourself feeling unworthy and struggling to make sales.

Business doesn't have to be complicated and hard.

And knowing how to create a potent container that has your clients singing on the other side 

HI, I'm Rylee June

I am an international life style transformation coach and online business consultant. Over the past half a decade I have support hundreds of women in moving through this healing journey and transforming their life, and equally consulted with dozens of women in starting up their coaching business from developing their skills to creating a business model that works with their lifestyle.

Rylee June has built a multiple 6 figure business that is designed around her life; one where she wakes up to enjoying her children and husband every day, being able to travel as she feels called and knows that joy and love are an experience she gets to encapsulates in everything she lives and breaths. She knows she was sent here to awaken souls into their God willed purpose and to support them in bringing that mission to life.


Trainings To Access Within The Program

Each Category is designed to support you with the resources, trainings and understandings you need no matter where you are at within your self and business development and growth

Intuition Develpment & Subconscious Coaching Skill Development

Trainings that can be applied both to yourself for personal break throughs and transformation as well as methods to support your clients with for their break through and transformations

Building Services & Community

Trainings that will allow your clients; no matter how they interact with you, may it be through a Facebook community or a paid program/ experience be able to grow, be served and develop with all you have to offer.

Business Development and Scaling

Learn all the foundational and fundamental pieces to what your business needs to grow, and what scaling actually entails and how to stop swapping time for money.

Guest Speakers

This section is filled with industry leaders of all kinds from personal development, spiritual development, creative connections, business strategists that will fill you with all the knowledge you may need to be able to take your self and business to the next level

Marketing And Selling

This section is loaded with sales trainings, marketing strategy and clarity for your content so you don't have to spend hundreds of hours convincing yourself people want what you have, Your content and skills will do the work.

Social Media Training & Tutorials

Insight to help you navigate the platforms that are relevant to you're work so you can use them affectively.

Insight Talks

Upgrade your way of thinking and expand your mind when you are feeling limited to a personal or professional experience. This section is designed to inspire you out of your limitations you face.

Integrating Other Services

This section hosts tutorials and trainings on implementing different aspects of what can build more authority in your business; from products to starting a podcast, self published books and more...

What You Receive In This Sacred Space

ACCESS TO A Training portal for all your spiritual business & self development needs

+Over 80 hours of training's, development, recorded coaching, business planning and more.. (Value $6,000)
+Program PDF Blueprint To Create, Plan & Ascend Your Energy With Your Vision Of Your Business (Value $1,500)
+Guided Meditations Exclusive To The Mastermind (Value $300)
+Private Facebook Community To Connect With Your Soul Sisters (Priceless)
+ One 1:1 90 minute Strategy Session($700)

+2 live call per month for live coaching and break out sessions for networking ($1,000)
+Life Time Access To This Program (Priceless)

BONUS: Access To The Portal For Life

Total Value $9,500

Course Bonus's $2,000 + Value!

How To 'Self Publish' Training

A training walking you through how to self publish and bring even more experiences to your audience
( Value $497 )

How To Create Print On-Demand Products

Everyone loves merch! A training teaching you how to create your own print. on-demand merch so that you can monetize your brand designs
( Value $333 )

How To Create A Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to build authority with your audience and equally have an additional space where you can build even more value for your clients. Learn how to start up a podcast from scratch and launch!
( Value $597 )

How To Run a Webinar

Webinars are great ways to bring more traffic to your business, email lists and communities. They are also a standard practice for converting potential customers into customers. 
( Value $497 )

How To Create A Course (Coming Soon)

The best way to scale your services is to find the common themes your clients struggle with and turn it into a course that your clients can enrol into and learn from you without exchanging your time constantly teaching the same thing individually.
( Value $997 )

How To Run Different Programs (Coming Soon)

Whether it be 1:1, group programs, masterminds or workshops, learn what the difference is and how to hold to space and create the experience designed to support the intention of your service
( Value $497 )

What It's Costing You To Not Get The Help Now


I spent years taking all the energy and mindset programs to "illuminate my soul" to help me to "attract" the "high ticket" clients that would pay me the thousands the industry leaders promise.

What I came to learn from both 2 years in business studies in collage and half a decade in the industry is that although mindset is important, your actual knowledge of building a business and marketing paired with your skills are more valuable and important than any meditation you do.

It cost me thousands  constantly investing in the "energy coaches" that could teach me how to "manifest" my dream life and business. 

It cost me years of confusion awaiting my dream clients to show up on my landing pages to buy my program because my copy was filled with fluff and lack of clarity and, the meditations... you guessed it, weren't working.

What is it costing you to rely on "energy" tactics and journaling to get you to where you want to be financially and in your life? 

The fluff is attractive, but there's no strategy for it to work, 

Waiting on manifestation tools and energetic practices, or chasing down PR opportunities (which btw cost money and are more of a tool for authority not sales) to make the bank you desire to build a thriving and sustainable business.

Kirsta Breeza
Vibrational Medicine Healer & Intuitive Coach

"To be honest I really didn't know what i was getting myself into. I guess you just take a leap of faith when you feel deep down in your soul that you're meant for more.

In the first couple weeks of the mastermind I manifested singing bowls & a month after that I began a sound healing business. Something I didn't even realize I wanted (the experience has been incredible so far).

In this container I grew confident in myself. I built a healthier relationship with money and realized there is no limit on the amount of dreams & desires in this life. Not only do you get the chance to work with Rylee who is an absolute wealth of knowledge and the most beautiful soul. You also build empowering friendships with the other members in the group. I'm so glad I did this. I will never stop saying that the best thing I've ever done was invest in myself. I'm sad it's over but man, I am so fucking proud of me. "


The First Step To The Rest Of Your Life

 The Next Live Round Begins On June 1st!
Early Enrolment Prices Until April 28th

Pay In Full

Receive a BONUS 50 Minute Soul Accelerator Coaching Call With Rylee June

$2,999 USD

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Never feel stuck again

5 Payments Of $600 USD

9 Payments

Don't miss out on bringing your souls mission to life

9 Payments Of $340 USD

Take-Away From An Energy Connection Exercise Inside The Mastermind


The element I chose was water.
 I was quite surprised with this because I’ve always been drawn to trees but wow what an experience...
after all I am a water sign cancer
In the shower I got
- go with the flow & easy going
- strong, powerful & support
Then I decided to go into the pool 
- you are in rough waters & things are going to settle down soon it’s ok everything will be clear.
- you have the ability to life yourself up to great things hold yourself high
- you have the ability you go up & down ebb & flow, stay strong, you can create anything you want, you have support, the knowing, the strength.
I felt like I became 1 with the water  it was surrounding me & fully supporting me & I could feel the energy off water bit silly but I didn’t realize water had energy I new it was energy but I could actually feel it around my feet & all the way up my legs.. I just felt fully connected... empowered..
I didn’t want to get out.. lol 
I looked at my pool today with new eyes, I now know that I can go into the pool & connect to the water & feel reborn, fresh, leaving all the negativity or stuff behind come out feeling cleansed & clear..
Thank you Rylee for bringing this amazing realization to my attention...