Become A Competent & Confident Light Leader And Healer Trusting In Her Ability To Hold Space For Client Transformations In This 6 Week Coaching Accelerator Program

This 6 week program is here to activate the calling in your soul that led you to the desire to help people heal,

To help you see your why over your doubt,

To know how to hold space for your clients transformations and lead with your magnetism.

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What You Gain From This Experience

You will step up and into the confidence, skills and ability as a responsible healer and leader, knowing how to hold sacred spaces for client transformations, and be the woman whose energy calls in the worthy compensation of your desires through understanding the impact you are bringing to this world.


  • Release limiting beliefs holding you back from receiving massive compensation for your work
  • Understand how your energy influences your self and work through The Law Of Infinite Possibility
  • Go deeper with your connection to your intuitive abilities to develop a new level of self trust in your mission
  • Become a more confident and competent healer and leader learning processes on how to hold sacred transformational spaces for your clients that get them the results they came to you for.

This 6 Week Accelerator Program Will Walk You Through An Empowering And Transformative Alignment Experience With Your Soul & Your Work

The Activation
1 Call Per Week ( Tuesday's )
Even Weeks Are For Coaching You 
Odd Weeks Are For Training You

(Aug 10)Call #1 - Intuition Development Training, Building Your Aligned Practices, Nailing Your Why Of Your Mission + Energy Coaching

(Aug 17)Call #2 - Diving Into Care Packages & Resources For Your Clients And Understanding How To Walk Clients Through Self Reflection

(Aug 24)Call #3 - Learning How Energy Shifts & How To Walk Your Clients Through Energy Shifts All The While Learning How To Neutralize Emotional Experiences
(Aug 31)Call #4 - Learning How To Build Out Sessions That Are Genuinely Rooted In Your Clients Transformation. Setting Up Pre-Support, During Session Methods, And Post Care.

(Sept 7)Call #5 - Learn How To Embody Your Higher Self; Understanding Different Energetic Identity Associations & How To Create And Embody A new Identity


(Sept 14)Call #6 - Protecting Your Work & Clients. Learn How To Set Up Policies, A Standard Of Practice & Boundaries

You will walk away learning and experiencing how to hold and create intentional services, containers for transformation and empowerment experiences for yourself and your clients to be led through

What You're Getting Inside The Program

6 Weeks Of Deep Transformation:
>1 Live Call Per Week (Even Weeks - Coaching You & Odd Weeks - Training You) [ Value $3,330 ]
>3 Magnetic Empowerment Subconscious Activations ( Video Activations - These are embodiment meditations for you to tune into that will drop on every other Sunday via the private facebook community surrounding Worthiness Of Following Through With Your Mission, Receiving Wealth, Being A Powerful Leader/Healer ) [ Value $555 ] 
> PDF Workbook To Assist You With Your Expansion Including A 42 Day Check In To Assist You With Your Follow Through Into This Next Level Of You [ Value $555 ]
>Private Facebook Community filled with empowered woman unleashing their souls mission [ Priceless ]

Total Value $ 4,440

Stand Confident In Your Ability To Help Clients Transform & Heal

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Why You Can No Longer Over Look Not Knowing How To Hold Ethical Spaces And Stand In Confidence In Your Work

If You Do Not Hold A Licence As A Trained Psychological Professional

As as healer and/or light leader you are holding space for a persons psyche to open and develop into new levels of self awareness and consciousness. This comes with the responsibility of understanding the scope of your work when it comes to support in what you can and cannot support your clients within, and having tools to assist and share with your clients surrounding emotional neutralizing support. Every new level of consciousness has a new wound/limitation that you will be required to support your client in when following through with supporting their healing and transformation.

Your Work Is So Much Bigger Than You

Your confidence will be built through out the courageous actions you take and the level of education you are willing to continuously learn and seek. You are being invited to truly understand how important the magnitude of impact your work is in this ascending world. With that understanding comes a responsibility to turn to and work with the cleanest ever lasting loving energy known to man; God. You will face feeling like your mission is a weight on your shoulders, and If not connected to the source of creation, you will feel the pressure to give up. & I see in you the genuine desire to help people heal, just like you are continuously experiencing through your own application of what you teach and offer.

Your Next Level Of Receiving Massive Compensation For Your Work Lies In Your Investment In Self

When you invest in you; time, money, love, attention and intention, You have more you can teach, deeper insight, a higher level of education, a more profound outlook on life, a deeper level of gratitude in yourself, and more tools to help you maintain stability in the frequency of your desires... and greater confidence ultimately in your work. This create the energetic signature behind everything you put out into this world.

I Spent Years Trying To Figure Out How To Do It All On My Own

It cost be thousands of hours, extremely late nights, tons of errors, that all could have been avoided through investing in proper training and support.

After investing in education, coaches and programs to teach me how to hold ethical spaces, learning how to support my clients emotional releases and break through and knowing how to see my clients blind spots during sessions

Granted me the confidence to witness my clients move through deeper levels of self connection, love, confidence, trust, healing and abundance attraction in their lives. 

I went from having the "fix me" clients to the ones who were willing to show up and do the inner work.

In 6 weeks you will have the knowledge, processes and confidence in your ability to sell your services because of the skills you have to help your clients heal and transform.


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Bonus' For Diving Into The Magnetic Woman Program

Balance & Connection Workshop ( $29 Value )

This is a workshop that teaches you the fundamentals of the movement of energy and a technique to help you balance and shift your energy into a desired state of being.

Automate Your Scheduling Training 
( $333 Value )

Doing everything by hand? Tune into this easy to implement now video training that will teach you how to set up automatic scheduling for your business and services now. ( No Website Needed)

Email Marketing ( $297 Value )

Learn how to transfer your following to a tangible list to offer more options, care and opportunities to your clients and audience beyond social platforms. ( No Website Needed )

Meet Your Coach

Hi Love,
I'm Rylee June, Intuition Master Coach And Spiritual Activator.

I have spent the previous 5 years learning, growing and developing my abilities to connect to energy, train people in activating others, and help people activate their next level of consciousness. I have found gaps within the industry surrounding the ethical standards people lack in their services and the need of more healers integrating deeper levels of self confidence and trust in their work.

Through hosting high level mastermind programs for Light Workers and self connection services for those just waking up to their energy, I have been blessed to support thousands of women in stepping into their next level of self.

What Clients Have Experienced  Working With Rylee


All In

$444 CAD

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  • 3 Monthly Payments Of $150
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The Magnetic Woman Manifesto

The Magnetic Woman Knows She Is A Wonderful Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend Because She Is Willing To Move Through The Changes, Check In With Her Source For Improvement & Continue To Always Show Up True To Her.

The Magnetic Women Is An Abundant AF Manifestor 

The Magnetic Women Does Not Blame Or Shame, She Owns And Rises Above The Drama, And Holds This Standard For Her Clients Too.

The Magnetic Woman Runs Life And Her Business Her Way, Co-Creating, Trusting And Believing In Her Ability To Make It All Happen And Have It All While Showing Her Clients They Can Too Along The Way.

The Magnetic Woman Only Accepts Whats Best For Her And Her Clients And Nothing Less.

The Magnetic Woman Rests Her Head On Her Soft And Silky Pillow At The End Of A Gratitude And Elevated Day, Knowing That Every Step, Decision, Action, Choice She Made Was Leading Her To An Even Greater Day Than She Experienced Yesterday Working Through Gods Light.

 Most Importantly The Magnetic Women Is Not Afraid To Be A Student, To Move Through The Challenges, And To Always Be Growing In Her Mission

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You Were Always Born With Greatness Within You

I am here to activate and guide you into that knowing

I'm Ready To Step Up Confident & Competent In My Mission