Welcome Light Leaders To The New Earth Paradigm,


 Meet Rylee June

Intuition Master Coach / Spiritual Activator / Mentor

Rising as a spiritual leader of the new earth paradigm isn't just about you and your ascension. It is about the ripple affect of change your soul has come here to create, the ethical responsibility you have as you hold sacred space, and the depth to the wealthy being you came here to be, both energetically and in the 3D.


The Two Main Problems Light Workers Face Is

The time has not been spent integrating into a deeper level of confidence in the who they are, how they lead  and their skillset to support their clients emotionally and cognitively just as much as they can spiritually, and lead their clients into a transformation as well as the lack the knowledge of what is actually involved with running a business online. 

Not knowing who you are and what your process and skillset for support is as well as the functionality of your business is what will bred the confusion in your offer, sales, how you help your clients and will create gaps in your revenue and confidence

Rylee June has spent the past half a decade, investing and growing a profitable multiple 6 figure business that has empowered woman to embody their divine feminine while clarifying their connection to their sacred masculine to be able to a build scalable business impacting the world in a potent and ethical way.

I know you have come across this place because you are ready to stand out, rid yourself of the confusion of "what people will think" and step into the alignment of what your soul has come to earth to create.

So let's dive in!

A 90 Minute Expander Session For Spiritual Entrepreneurs seeking aligned focus and understanding of their next steps and blind spots

These are one off energy coaching sessions
You will also receive a recording of your session

90 Minute Break Down:
50 Minutes Of Business Strategy & BreakThroughs
30 Minutes Of Energy Coaching To Awaken Confidence
10 Minutes Of Conscious Healing To Integrate

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$444 USD

  • Breaking Out Your Business Model
  • Closing The Gaps With Strategy
  • Energy Coaching For Self Development & Awareness
  • Recorded Session Emailed To You
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"I'll take a chance on myself! And my growth and expansion. I'm getting so much opening up. Visions, nudges, intuition, such deep knowing. WOW. This is what i signed up for Rylee. I was ready to take a chance on myself and i was ready for so much more. This is the deep core shit that I wanted to move through and out and heal. And now i'm aligned again with my initial reason. I Want More. And i know it's there for me to go and get!. Thank you. I am finally HOME."

Annette W  
Registered Nurse

Revolution The Masterclass


A 90 Minute deep dive into 
>What your tangible next step is for you in your spiritual business
>Where you're losing sales and how to prospect clients in a more aligned way
>Redefining your why; the world needs you more than ever, may your vision and mission be rooted in something greater than you.

Get Started Today $99 USD

The Magnetic Women


A 6 week go at your-own-pace program to support light workers in breaking out intentional revolutionizing spaces that support their clients on a deeper level emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This program also goes through the necessary things required to run a successful and organized spiritual business online to help you create a 5 figure income

Enrol For $229 USD Today

"I woke up with another Opportunity at a different business. Things are moving rapidly over here and I haven't even had my first event. LOL!!"

-Kirsta Breza
Vibration Medicine Healer & Spiritual Coach

The Align & Ascend Mastermind

This 3 month mastermind experience will connect you with the knowledge of what Is required to run a business online, going deeper with your intuitive abilities for heightened self awareness, create a concrete process to support your clients in deeper transformations AND learn from industries leaders in all things mindset growth, manifestation, business development and legal requirements.

Enrolment Open Now Start Date July 5th

"I had the pleasure of working with Rylee on expanding my intutiion. Not only did she teach me how to find my own, but Rylee also taught me how to find myself. Coming from a religious state in the US, my voice and soul knowing has been stifled for almost my entire life. I was lucky enough to grab a bundle that she offered and I jumped in head first. Rylee gave me the confidence to raise my vibration that I knew I have had inside of me for eons. I just needed an amazing mentor such as herself to bring it out of me.
I am so glad i have had the opportunity to learn from the best. Rylee has used her gift to bring out my gift so I can pass on the hope, love and grace we all have inside outselves. I can't even begin to tell you what beautiful thigns are in store for myself. I just needed someone to show me the way to my own destiny"

Julie Bradford

Work With Rylee In A 1:1 Coaching Container

3 or 6 month commitment.

This container is for the women who is here to make a difference and not afraid to show up to do the inner work. For the women who feels the drive and passion deep within to support humanity in their ascension and is no longer available for settling for a mundane and normal life; She is here for extraordinary

This container will teach you how to shift your own frequency, tap into your intuitive abilities and conscious connection, clarity and next level of your souls mission in this world.

This is a low 5 figure investment experience that you will ascend through and transform your entire life

Rylee uses her own unique S.O.U.L Method to help you become aware of the Surface level of connection you have and how you operate, Observe and reframe your limiting beliefs, Understand the intuitive abilities you have that allow you to connect with deeper levels of self consciousness and Luminate your life from the inside out; Expanding into limitless potentials and quantum time lines.

Expanding your consciousness and tapping into deeper levels of your intuition should always be done through God consciousness; a clean, pure and sacred energy. You will learn how to self master your energy and transmute the dark and distractive energies of this 3-D plane, become one with your past you with your present and future self and empower those around you.

Working with Rylee is a sacred space that will transform your life from the inside out, confidentiality and radical accountability is what I am here to show up and hold with you.

To work with Rylee she invites you to take your decision sacredly when you commit to this investment. She holds the space for you to uncover your greatest fears and helps you to expand your consciousness in many ways. The work is deep however, you will shift into continuous evolution and freedom as you walk forward in your time line.

1:1 Coaching can either be life and success focused or for spiritual entrepreneurship training and coaching

A 3 month commitment is $6,000 USD
A 6 month commitment is $12,000 USD

*Payment plans available.

Please email support for payment links and consult details
[email protected]

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