Often times energy practitioners, psychics, mediums, and holistic coaches begin with a mission to help others heal and build a life of financial freedom sparked from finding the magic in a healing transformation themselves and wanting to share that experience with the world. 

Congrats!! You answered the call!

However, lack the ability to build a successful and sustainable business standing confidently in what they offer  because they lack the knowledge of what it takes to run a business online, and lack an understanding in how to build scalable services they are confident in.

Rylee June helps you to go deeper with your healing gifts, master building a profitable business the right way, and have ethical practices in place you are confident to show up and share with the world.

Hi Love. I'm Rylee June

Ready to go deeper with your conscious connections and activate the power truly within you? This space is for you.

The two main problems light workers face IS lack of confidence in the HOW they lead their clients into a transformation and lack the knowledge of what is actually involved with running a business online. 

Not knowing your process and feeling disconnected from running an efficient business is what will bred the confusion in your offer and how you help your clients and will create the gaps in your revenue because of lack of confidence and understanding.

Rylee June has spent the past 5 years learning, investing and growing a profitable multiple 6 figure business that has empowered woman to go deeper with their intuition, clarify their process of transformation and build scalable business impacting the world in a potent and ethical way.

I know you have come across this page because you are ready to stand out, rid yourself of the confusion of "what people will think" and step into the alignment of what your soul has come to earth to create.

So let's dive in!

Magnetic Women

The Magnetic Women


This is a 6 week coaching program for light leaders beginning their journey of offering healing/energy services in this world. Learn how to break down the depth you can take your clients through their healing with clarity, ethics and confidence while raising your self awareness as the CEO you are stepping up to be.

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Light Workers Training Series

If you are a light leader and are desiring scalability in your services, freedom in your calendar and deeper confidence in your work,  This is for you.

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Align & Ascend Mastermind

The Align & Ascend Mastermind

This 4 month mastermind experience will connect you with the knowledge of what Is required to run a business online, going deeper with your intuitive abilities for heighTened self awareness, create a concrete process to support your clients in deeper transformations AND learn from industries leaders in all things mindset growth, manifestation, business development and legal requirements.a

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Work With Rylee In A 1:1 Coaching Container

6 or 12 month commitment.

This sacred container is here to teach you the skills, processes, embodiment and strategy of how to rise into your souls mission supporting humanity with healing in confidence, authenticity, ethics and authority.

Rylee June has invested tens of thousands into her personal and business development, growing a podcast with 30K downloads reaching people across the globe, self publishing and being featured as an author in The Starseed handbook, and in Thrive Global for her ways of pivoting during the pandemic.

She has helped thousands of women and men across the globe tap into your intuition and learn how to heal themselves and live a life full of joy and passion having now healed wounds that once weighted them down and held them back.

If you are someone who is stepping up to or already is answering the call to help humanity heal and ascend and desire the know how to make great impact both in the growth of your own souls expansion and in your clients transformation while claiming the financial abundance as a by product of your knowledge and confidence, this space is for you.

Rise and blaze the trail of light for others to heal their wounds and answer their souls calling today. This is a low 5- figure investment that will teach you all you need to know to build that 6 figure business.


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This 3 hour training series will help you go deeper with your intuition, connect to your aligned offers and services, and show up with authority in your work with ethical standards.

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