If you are a light leader seeking a deeper soul connection, activation into your mission in this world, and the development to access your telepathic abilities.

I can assist you with that. I am here to ethically and protectively guide you through your own self ascension; equipping you with tools, techniques, trainings and meditations

Hi Love. I'm Rylee June

Ready to go deeper with your conscious connections and activate the power truly within you? This space is for you.

When it comes to connecting to your intuition and ascending into higher states of consciousness while leading others through theirs...

It is important that you are doing so with someone who is helping you move through these connections ethically, protected and with a clean energy. Activating into higher conscious states can bring up deep emotional suppressed energy, If you are ready to channel, connect with telepathy, harness a cosmic connection, your teacher is required to have a clean energy, be able to know during your sessions when to go higher in connection and when to sit with you and clear energy, and equally this is the standard you should be leading with for your clients as well.

Tapping into higher conscious states and/ leading others through higher conscious states when you/ they are not in a neutral or positive frame of mind can actually cause physical illness or cause damage to your nervous system making you hyper anxious or trigger a dark night of the soul experience. And I believe we can all agree, not only do you not want to have that happen, but also do not want to be liable for your clients experiencing that either.

Integrating energy should always be done in levels and never more than you can handle at one time. The body has to have space created for it to hold more light and for you to be able to have a clear conscious connection.

Going deeper with your gifts and leading others through their deeper soul connections is a life style commitment and connection, it is sacred, it takes self ownership, deep accountability to your practices and is important that you move into deeper conscious states through levels not all at once and an open heart to God.

Through ethical practices, sacred coaching and the ability to help guide you through your ascension, Rylee June is committed to making sure your experience is nothing short of connective, profound and expansive with clean energy. Rylee will not only hold you in a sacred space with your healing and deeper connection but also be teaching you how to reverse engineer your process for your clients as well.

Light Workers Training Series

If you are a light leader and are desiring scalability in your services, freedom in your calendar and deeper confidence in your work,  This is for you.

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Intuition Development Sessions & Bundles

These are 90 minute sessions to help you connect to your intuition, move energy through the body to help you hold more light and deeper self connection 

90 Minute Expander Session

These sessions are designed to help you unlock validation and connection to your intuition.
Through a tailored practice, teaching, psychic guidance and a healing for energy integration you will be walked through an empowerment session that will help you step forward with clarity and confidence.

These are one off energy coaching sessions
You will also receive a recording of your session

90 Minute Break Down:
50 Minutes Of Training
20 Minutes Of Guidance
20 Minutes Of Conscious Healing

$444 CAD

Bundle Expander Session

3 60 Minute intuition development, psychic guidance and energy healing sessions to help you move through limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, and emotional releases.
>>Plus 45 days of voxer support

These sessions are meant to be used in a 45 day time frame
These include a recording of your session and notes for printable purposes + any additional worksheets, meditations or other material covered in your sessions

These are short term coaching bundles you can take advantage of for forced support in self development of spiritual business planning, strategizing. 

2 Bundles Open For The Month Of August

$1,222 CAD

Programs For Light Leaders

Conscious Healer Practitioner Training

Learn an energy modality that will help you to connect, clear, heal and balance your energy. Rylee takes the teachings of Reiki Usui and infuses her own healing methods with Jesus for a clear and conscious connection for self healing and healing others. 

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Magnetic Women

The Magnetic Women


This is a 6 week coaching program for light leaders stepping up and into their next level of service. This course is designed to hold you in a sacred self soul connection as well as learn how to hold a transformative and empowering space for your clients as well.

Open for enrolment and taught live until September 15th

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Align & Ascend Mastermind

The Align & Ascend Mastermind

Step up and into your souls calling through the mastermind. This 4 month sacred container will teach you everything you need to know on how to step up your online services, energy coaching you into your next level of true self, learn scalability techniques, course development... literally everything you need along side like minded souls no longer willing to settle for less than their souls calling ready to build their life of freedom

Waitlist For Enrolment Feb 2022

Work With Rylee In A 1:1 Coaching Container

6 or 12 month commitment.
This container will teach you how to shift your own frequency, tap into your intuitive abilities and conscious connection, clarity and next level of your souls mission in this world.

These containers can also be head for light leaders and healings seeking that next level of self and service expansion.

This is a low 5 figure investment experience that you will ascend through and transform your entire life

Expanding your consciousness and tapping into deeper levels of your intuition should always be done through God consciousness; a clean and sacred energy. You will learn how to protect and rise above dark energy, heal yourself, those around you and empower yourself through your souls connection.

Working with Rylee is a sacred space that will transform your life from the inside out, you will connect with your intuitive abilities and awaken your consciousness.

To work with Rylee she invites you to take your decision seriously when you commit to this investment. She holds the space for you to uncover your greatest fears and helps you to expand your consciousness in many ways. The work is deep but however, you will shift into continuous personal freedom.


Gain Access To The 3 Hour FREE Light Worker Series

This 3 hour training series will help you go deeper with your intuition, connect to your aligned offers and services, and show up with authority in your work with ethical standards.

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