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Your Intuition Is More Than Just Connecting To Astral Realms, Manifesting And Being High Vibrational

Your intuition is a direct connection to being able to trust yourself, honour boundaries you desire to set and uphold, and the ability to feel confident in yourself and the decisions you make while betting on yourself to heal, have patience and take big leaps.
It is the access to deep confidence, empowerment, healing from your past and the awareness to process the limitations and unideal circumstances that arise in your life.

"I'm getting so much opening up. Visions, nudges, intuition, such deep knowing. WOW. This is what i signed up for Rylee. I was ready to take a chance on myself and i was ready for so much more. This is the deep core shit that I wanted to move through and out and heal. And now i'm aligned again with my initial reason. I Want More. And i know it's there for me to go and get!. Thank you. I am finally HOME."


""I had the pleasure of working with Rylee on expanding my intutiion. Not only did she teach me how to find my own, but Rylee also taught me how to find myself."

Julie B

If You Are Tired Of Going To Healers & Psychics To...


Uncover your next steps,
Gain insight into your limitations and blocks,
Clear out karmic cycles and patterns from your past, healing wounds from your childhood, and being able to tap into deeper levels of self empowerment and confidence... You're in the right place. 

If you have recently gone through an awakening, have been on a spiritual journey for sometime or have been exploring all things energy, healing and intuition..
... But still feel like you aren't clear with the voice of your intuition, struggle to feel connected to your life,
... Maybe you've even invested hundreds or thousands into healers and psychics and still not getting the results you were promised or desired.

In many cases energy workers who practice New Age Spirituality skip over the fundamental components of what is needed to support and teach you to lead an empowered, connected, and healed life.

The 4 Pillars Required To Connect With Your Intuition & Set You Free 

There are 4 things you need to understand about you in order to be able to truly heal, live a better life, and feel the peace, joy and grace that you long to experience in any and all areas of your life

Pillar One - The Mental Connection - Master Your Mindset

Learning how your thoughts control your emotions, your emotions control your reactions and your reactions control your outcomes 
Understanding what your mind is focused on keeping you limited and stuck.


Pillar Two - The Emotional Connection - Master Yourself

Learning how Your Emotions play a role in deeper self awareness, connection and uncovering your subconscious wounds of your past.
Understanding what your emotions are directing you to uncover on a deeper level and how to detach from the stories of your past



Pillar Three - The Physical Connection - Heal Your Body

Learning the importance of physical self care to attune your body to a frequency that can hold more space, patience, and process within a greater flow state.
Diving into nutrients, routines, discipline and movement

Pillar Four - The Spiritual Connection - Awaken Your Purpose

Understanding how to connect to your spiritual gifts, apply them to a greater expansion and finally understanding who you are and what you are capable of.
Building a profound faithful foundation that will lead you to a life time of uncovering compassion, self love and true purpose


It’s Time To Get Back Who You Have Always Been Destined To Be

Finally Feeling Worthy
Finally Feeling Heard & Seen
Finally Stepping Up To Take Action Of Bolder Decisions And Bigger Dreams
Finally Trusting In Yourself
Finally Seeing Your Value and Loving Yourself
Finally Being Able To Surrender What You Cannot Control
Finally Making Peace With Your Past
Finally Having The Patience You've Longed For, For Your Kids And The Process Of Healing Through What You Are Moving Through

Myth #1  - You can't "manifest" your way into a better outcome. You have to learn how you process information and emotions as they come up within you and make peace with each one for long term growth
Myth #2 - Healing can happen through energy healing sessions. FALSE > Healing is an inside job, unless you're consulting a private clinic for customized testing physically, everything else is about disciple and personally showing up for you consistently, No amount of energy healing from someone else will ever change your life
Myth #3 - Trust isn't a once you have or clear something, trust is about repetition of making decisions and proving to yourself that you can in fact trust YOU
Myth #4 - Healing, becoming reconnected with your gifts, and shifting your life for the better can happen over night. FALSE. Healing, connecting with your intuition and shifting your life is about LIFE, the long term experience of applying all you know through out your life.


Intuition Immersion


In this program you will learn how to eliminate the new age deceptive practices and go straight to: 

  • Understanding what the 4 pillars of connecting to you truly is and how to apply them to your life to become more intuitively guided, connected and healed from your past.
  • The ability to stabilize your emotions, thoughts and energy welcoming optimism, empowerment and discernment
  • Awakened to a greater vision of your future; rooted in hope, faith and potential.
  • Seeing beyond the false lights and deception that exists in the energy space. 
  • Knowing exactly how to disconnect from the distractions  and noise of the world, the wounds of your past and be able to discern the difference between your fear and intuition so that you can listen to the holy spirit within you guiding you to peace, adventure, and release!

It’s time to nurture and ascend yourself unlike ever before.

Level #1 - Foundational Connection & Tuning Out Distractions

The principles of the foundation of your connection. Deep diving into tuning out distractions, striving for legacy impact in your life, and understanding the value of the standards of what you choose to connect to.

Level #2 - Master Your Mindset

Pillar One - The Mental Connection

Understanding how your brain processes information and how it creates reactive and automatic states of being(programming) within your body, while uncovering how to clean up your mindset which is the catalyst for your uncovering what's weighing down your energy

Level #3 - Master Yourself

Pillar Two - The Emotional Connection

Understanding the role your emotions play and how they are guiding you to a greater self awareness. 
Learn how to neutralize your emotional reactions and shift into a more calm and neutral state welcoming in peace and clarity

Level #4 - Healing Your Body

Pillar Three - The Physical Connection

Undercover the value of physical self care and how this plays a massive role in your mind and energy clarity and connection. Advice, teachings and steps for you to take to deeper dive into how your body is supporting you and your energy.

Level #5 - Connecting To Your Greater Purpose

Pillar Four - The Spiritual Connection

Understanding your spiritual gifts and how to develop and apply them to your life for a deeper and grander self connection to God.
Moving forward and standing rooted, empowered and connected to this divine human life you've been granted has only just begun

Level #6 - Application Of The Pillars To Yourself

Application Of These Pillars To Yourself; How to incorporate and understand the connection between all 4 pillars and your self care, routines, discipline and cleaning up your energy leaks
Ultimately developing a greater self awareness

Level #7 - Reshaping Your External World For The Better

Application To Your Life; Building connection and awareness into your money, relationships, communication, future and changes you are designed to experience in this life.

Level #8 - Stabilizing & Transforming YOU

How to move forward beyond generational curses, past wounded identities, subconscious programming of unworthiness and Understanding frequency shifting (quantum leaping)

Go At Your Own Pace Experience


Put the techniques you learn as they unlock for you each week into practice. Know that as they become available to you over the 8 weeks you will have access to the trainings indefinitely to come back and resource even after you've found great success in your connection and experience.

We cannot wait to hear about how you connect, heal and thrive throughout this program and beyond.


I have spent the last half a decade coaching 1000+ women across the world in getting reconnected to their intuition and empowering themselves to lead a better life through radical self acceptance and awareness, education to understand themselves, while healing from their past, and building the foundational blocks of uncovering who they are through faith and their spiritual gifts.

100% of the women who walked away from containers with me have had a greater sense of clarity in what has been standing in their way, have been able to rewrite the stories of their past, have a deeper trust within themselves, and know how to confidently take action even when there is fear towards goals and dreams that they struggled to execute on prior to discovering what they are capable of.

Each woman was able to take away tools, knowledge, connection and skills to heal wounds, overcome their past, move through their current blocks, and rise into a higher level of empowerment.

 It is my absolute mission to help women understand that being a WOMAN is a powerful, and beautiful thing. That within YOU exists a universe of opportunity that is waiting to be accessed through your intuition, awakening ever lasting trust by overriding your fear, and and finally making peace with your past so you can finally become present with YOUR life as it is and will be now.



Are you someone who has always felt intuitive but havent been able to figure out how to connect?
..Maybe you've invested many times in others to support you and still have walked away not understanding your gifts?
... You still find yourself going to healers and readers to be able to uncover your limitations and blocks
... Or you struggle with the discernment of what is the voice of your intuition and fear?

Maybe you've always felt like the black sheep of the family, out-casted by friends, and truly felt constantly misunderstood?

Even after all the guidance and trainings you've receive you still feel disempowered in your life and struggle with your wounds of the past.

If so, then Intuition Immersion is definitely for you.

I'll help you tune out the world around you and break down your walls. Once you've gotten to know and love who you are on the inside, we'll teach you how to nurture and protect that person as you go through your daily life, connected, healing and aspiring to keep going even when things seem challenging or unideal; You'll finally be able to see the beauty and the blessings in it all.

"Rylee has literally changed my life...I have been able to understand that my entire life I thought I was anxious and depressed, to know I actually have strong gifts.

...I finally trust myself, and that' the most important thing"

-Carissa J


I felt like I became 1 with the water  it was surrounding me & fully supporting me & I could feel the energy off water bit silly but I didn’t realize water had energy I new it was energy but I could actually feel it around my feet & all the way up my legs.. I just felt fully connected... empowered..
I didn’t want to get out."
Belinda C


Find the right package for you:



8 monthly payments

  • Access to 1 NEW Pre-recorded module each week for 8 weeks
  • Printable Immersion workbook
  • Access to a Private soul sister community



4 Monthly Payments

  • Access to 1 NEW Pre-recorded module each week for 8 weeks
  • Printable Intuition Immersion Workbook
  • Access to a Private soul sister community




  • 1 30 minute 1:1 clarity session 
  • Access to 1 NEW Pre-recorded module each week for 8 weeks
  • Printable Immersion workbook
  • Access to a Private soul sister community
  • A Special Gift


If you aren’t completely satisfied with what you are learning and the value it is bringing to your life, let us know within the first 7-days for a full refund. No questions asked.