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Intuition Academy


This is a Go-At-Your-Own-Pace 6 week program is designed to teach you how to tap into your intuition to co-create an ever expansive life of your dreams aligned with the highest truth.
This course will support you in coming back to the foundational connection that was once lost to the ways of the world. To bring you back into union and surrender to the plan God designed for you as you access the language of your soul.
To truly live a life fullfilled with manifestations, surrender, divine guidance, connection and unlimited support; It is about learning how to communicate with the one who placed you here on earth to start and your intuition is the language that helps you understand and discover it all.

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What Is Intuition?

Your Intuition is the psychic part of your instincts.

The first sensations you pick up on before you ever experience something physically.

A way of attaining knowledge you have no way of justifying knowing.

It is language that comes from deep within ,

Most importantly, it is your connection back home to your heart, soul and the one who created you and the destiny you are meant to live out on this earth in union with Christ Consciousness.

Are You Someone Who?

>>You often find yourself unable to surrender to the circumstances placed in front of you?
You struggle to release the guilt, shame, pain of the past?

>>You have recently gone through an awakening. surrounding global events and struggle to understand a bigger, even more loving picture as to how it all works out?

>>You've recently come to realize many relationships in your life are no longer serving you and you seek deeper connection and support?

>>You feel like you've always been intuitive; but have been labelled as highly anxious or highly sensitive and it keeps you stuck?

>>You experience high bouts of anxiety from others energy and often find yourself choosing to skip over events simply to not over stimulate your nervous system?

>>You struggle with believing in yourself or feeling worthy of love, support, something greater than where you are now?

>>You often wish that you had more patience, time, and confidence to see your commitments and goals through?

>>You tend to find yourself constantly struggling with energy blocks and stories of the past holding you back?

>>You want to be able to rely on your intuition to be able to make clearer, more confidence and even take risks that align with the directions that you ultimately want to go?

Everything comes down to your energy...
When you can understand how to navigate your energy, everything in your life shifts.

Your connections
Your circumstances
Your Career
Your relationships
Your mindset
Your confidence

Does this sound like you?

The deception that exists in the spiritual world...


In the world of all things spirituality is the teachings rooted in worldly guidance, which keeps you disconnected, lost, and constantly seeking a greater surrender and trust.

In order to gain, truly gain, the ability to feel free, loved, connected, forgiven and be able to trust in the divine process that is your life,

You must first start with reestablishing your connection with God that placed these intuitive abilities within your heart and soul.

It is easy to learn about energy, it is a challenge to stay connected and trust when you are sourcing your energy from something that does not exist beyond space and time, energy that did not create it all, energy that holds you captive to sacrifice.

God created you in his likeness to be able to live a fulfilled life in gratitude, service and sharing love to others. 

This is taught from relationship, this is not about religion. 

Your intuition is the feelings that you have beyond your physical senses. It picks up and knows truth, it knows where things are safe and when things are not. 

Ultimately your development and connection to your intuition is to learn the ability to surrender to it all, and the only way to do so is to surrendering to the knowing that someone else has been in the drivers seat this whole time and always will be.

There are two places to source your energy from; Darkness or light. 

And time and time again, 
I have taken witness to supporting clients who have spent years of their life dedicated to healing but still struggled to be able to let go, forgive others and themselves, challenged with trust, courage and confidence to move forward.

And time and time again what has helped them come into union, surrender, forgiveness and courage has been rebuilding the foundational connection to the one who placed them here on this earth.

In this industry spiritual development promises you the world, 
But remember, the only one who can promise you the ways of the world is not God. 

God designed you to be a messenger,
To serve your fellow man,
To live life through the eyes, heart and mind of integrity, honesty, love and intentionality. 

This intuition program is about bringing you into the union that allows you to transcend space and time, quantum leap your timelines, heal and forgive your past, create purpose in your life through service, and to be a human who understands their work is not to be perfect, but instead to be connected to the breath of life through Jesus and lead with the love and transformation accessed from this space of connection.

Your intuition is a sacred gift, that allows you to live, lead and walk with more hope, grace, and trust in your life; in all areas and aspects. 

It is a language that transcends thoughts and helps you go deeper into freeing yourself of the confines of labels that keep you held to your past.

Course Outline


Understanding how connected you truly are
Tapping into the 5D version of you

Week One

The foundational understanding of your intuition, what it is and about to work with it

Week Two

Learning how to read energies, how to enter an energy field with ethics and respect and how to apply that connection and understanding to reading your own energy to develop a higher sense of self awareness in your own life

Week Three

Breaking down what holds you back from connecting with your intuition and how to navigate this. 
Tuning into higher frequencies for self acceptance, love and growth.
Breaking through subconscious beliefs that are limiting your ability to move forward and heal

Week Four

How to use your intuition too manifest on deeper levels and how to use your intuition to make aligned decisions in your day to day life.

Week Five

Aligning with the energy of love to transform your life. 
How to choose love in any challenged area of your life and ascend into a deeper soul connection with you.
Living authentically, in integrity and in abundance through confidence



$888 CAD

  • Bonus 15 Minute Healing Session When You Go All In!



$300 CAD Monthly

  • 3 Payments




$155 CAD Monthly

  • 6 Monthly Payments 




  • Student Take Aways

  • “I also wanted to share a moment of intuition that happened for me during IA, so there’s some positiveness too! One day I was Ascendant Books buying some crystals for a friend. There was a young girl in there getting a reading and I just had pull towards her like I needed to go talk to her. So I kind of awkwardly waited around the store looking at things hoping she would be done soon. Eventually I thought no this is weird. I need to buy my stuff and leave. So I did. I was on my way home and I again got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to go talk to this girl, so without earning really even I whipped my car around at a light and pulled back up to the store and then thought now what? So I was waiting there and waiting there, not really sure why and said to myself. Fine, I'm leaving at 5:30 if she comes or not. She at the last minute came out of the store and I panicked a little but immediately jumped out to talk to her for a sec. I have anxiety/social anxiety on a good day and this type of thing was terrifying for me to do because I didn’t even know what I was supposed to do. But tapped her on the arm real quick, introduced myself, and mentioned that I felt like I was supposed to talk to her. She was super nice and we ended up walking across the street to grab some coffee. We began to chat and realized how similar we were. She was very spiritual and grew up in a spiritual household. I had not, but I didn’t really have anyone my age that I could relate to when it came to spirituality and we were able to chat easily. We both had recently been going through a big “rut” in our lives trying to find what to do from there. I found we kept constantly saying things like “me too!” The weirdest thing was she asked me where I was from and I said “Wainwright” and she pointed down to show me the Wainwright pin she had in her jacket. She had no idea where she got it from, she had never been there, but that day she was wearing the wainwright pin on her jacket. Now we’re planning to meet up to do some meditation classes together.”


  • “I am still catching up on everything but have had a lot of dreams that have been coming true and a lot of life changing realizations as well loving getting to know the real me and feeling more connected to myself and the universe.”


  • “The first module- I felt you were speaking to my heart. I connected with a lot that you said. I’ll be going through it again and taking notes as a quick reminder.”


  • “I’m so glad I did this. And guess what? I got my indemnity today! So thankful for everything in my life right now.”
  • “I really found your energy protecting tips helpful (especially as a physio) so thinking of being surrounded by light and grounding into the earth I do everything now (sometimes more than once haha) and you really helped me to understand seeing in your third eye. I have been trying to listen to my thoughts more since you mentioned I get messages through interruptive thoughts but that’s hard since my thoughts just come in and out so fast haha but that’s just practice. Also, it made me way more in tune and aware of feelings so I guess overall it really helped to explain the connection more and help me to understand it better.”


  • We learned about auras and how to see others’ as well as ourselves, and what they mean:

“I googled the yellow aura! How cool, the first page says child-like and playful. My husband burst out laughing, haha. He always says I’m his second kid. Haha”


  • We learned about our intuitive seeing abilities and how to determine what we are seeing with our minds and naked eye: 

“Woah Rylee after the call last night and you explained the seeing the car, I realized I feel very clairvoyant in this sense and it now makes sense why my memory and sense of directions is SO GOOD! Like creepy good and it’s because I can see it! Super Clear!


  • Women in IA channeling messages from their loved ones:

“My aunt channeled my husband’s grandpa and it brought me to tears!”

  • “I really loved all of the info in IA!! I like how you set up the videos and how they built on one another. As well as the worksheets. I have started to implement tips or ways of thinking that you mentioned and just need to trust myself more really. I also like when you post random intuition things into the group like you did with a name or guess the crystals. Overall, I really enjoyed it!”
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