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The Expander Membership Grants You Access To The Vault Of Trainings, Insight, past workshops and coaching that has supported hundreds as a resource to overcome anything they are and may face.

A Divine Expander is the woman who is no longer willing to settle for less than who she desires to be and genuinely believes she is capable of being. 

A Divine Expander seeks deep connection, knowledge to do better, and establishes her roots in her faith because truly nothing is set in stone within this physical realm. 

A Divine Expander is the woman who is ready to change charge of her past, so that it will no longer rule over her through forgiveness, healing, and acceptance.

A Divine Expander is the woman who wants to know truth, she is not willing to have her connection and self understanding diluted by the New Age Spiritual practices that teach you to seek the "source" that validates you most, she understands and is willing to understand that she is held to a higher standard and self validation is truly only as deep as our limited perception

Finally, A Divine Expander is the woman who desires ethical energy training, that not only empowers her to know her spiritual gifts, but will also honour her energy as she moves through different and deeper stages of her ascension.

3 Reasons Why This Membership Is For You


If you struggle to find one place where you can turn to for all the mind, body and energy trainings, insight and information.

Look no further. This container is designed to be a one stop shop that helps you with the development, understanding and consistency of raising your vibration and achieving your self development and spiritual entrepreneurship goals.

Even if you're not offering energy services for yourself, the money mindset and coaching support can help you call in the rises and abundance for your family in other ways too.

Peace Of mind

If you are going through challenges surrounding relationship, communication, self awareness limitations, money restrictions, attraction/manifesting, faith connection, mindset shifts I can guarantee there is a training in here for you. 

Whether its a video filled with insight, guidance, awareness shifts, or a full training to support you in moving through  
The vault has everything you need.

NO Excuses

If you are seeking education surrounding your spiritual journey, and peace of mind knowing you have everything you need at the click of a Botton, there won't be an excuse for you to perpetuate old habits and cycles any longer.

Freedom Exists In This Healing Resource Vault.

Our Pillars Of Focus


In order to truly evolve from the past overruling your future; emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically, you must learn how to become more honest and self aware of what your thoughts, actions and behaviours truly are.


When you know better you do better, In this container you are taught about all faucets of energy, intuition, mindset and emotional stability. We cover each area of life in depth so that you can use the portal as a resource bank for ANYTHING you may come across being challenged by in life or simply just desiring to evolve and create deeper alignment within


What you are rooted into is absolutely everything when it comes to your growth and evolution of you. Your faith is a higher moral standard to what you are upheld to, and when our faith is absent our hope is absent to. Building your relationship with God is the missing piece your soul is missing, equally the clarity and genuine guidance that will take place when you incline your spiritual gifts to God unraveling the destiny that was created for you.

What The Vault Offers You

Complete access to:

  • 60 + hours of past workshops, trainings, insight, guidance and fundamental knowledge to support you in moving through your challenges you face in life

    Value: $1,000+ of trainings, live coaching and meditations to access

Meet Your Coach

Hi Love,

My name is Rylee June, I am a Intuition Master Coach and Empowerment Leader.

Going through my awakening in 2016 lead me to intuition, which showed me that everything we were told and taught is backwards from truly understanding, discovering and aligning with who we were meant to be.

From uncovering my intuitive abilities and finding solace in God through Jesus, I came to realize we are way more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and there is a beautiful standard of spiritual truth through God's word that we have all missed out on. Faith is the foundation of hope, Jesus is the roots of healing, and Gods word is the truth and hope of guidance. 

Opening and understanding out intuitive abilities and inclining our spiritual senses to God will radically change the way you view your burdens, struggles and challenges and bring so much more of a greater meaning and grace to WHAT is being revealed to you, how to surrender and release(let go) and what you are truly meant to do and become here in this time you are meant to spend on earth.

This membership was designed to be able to give access to those who desired the support, community and education as you awaken to your greater potential 

I am honoured to support and guide you through your re-activation of your soul.

Romans 12:6
1 Corinthians 12:1-11

We Believe In...

One Degree Shifts Make Up A World Of A Difference; And backed with the right community, support, encouragement, faith and training EVERYONE can heal, find self peace, joy and love and thrive in their lives.

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