Expander Membership

Expander Membership

Build New Habits, Heal Yourself & Manifest Your Dreams In Alignment

Expander Membership



The Divine Expander is the person who is no longer available for settling, the person who is ready to equip themselves with the tools to be able to expand their own self awareness so they can break through your self limitations. The Divine Expander is ready to unlock who they are at a cellular level and choosing to move forward back by their soul tribe.

What The Membership Offers You

We Focus On 3 Things Every Month
1. Connecting With The Body & Forming New Habits
2. Expanding The Mind To Break Through Self Limitations
3.Expanding Self Awareness Through Intuition Development

  • 3 meditations live per week to help you build new habits (Value $300)
  • 1 Group Monthly Coaching Call to support you in breaking through your limiting beliefs and aligning your energy (Value $500)
  • 1 Monthly Training Either With Rylee Or A Guest industry leading teacher to help you go deeper with your intuition and self healing and expansion (Value $1,000)
  • BONUS:
    Access to a portal full of 50+ hours of additional trainings, meditations and guidance to help you get clear and move forward no matter what you're facing. (Value $1,000)
  • A private Facebook community filled with your soul tribe healing themselves in their journey through life
    (Value Priceless)

    Total Value: $2,800 Monthly

3 Reasons Why This Membership Is For You


This membership space will teach you all about how you operate, connect and manifest as your own being.

Every training is designed to educate and teach you how to connect for you.


Ascending can be lonely when you begin to outgrow your current environment. Being apart of community is what allows us to thrive, grow and stay motivated knowing there are others moving through similar experiences and committed to their development too


This membership is equip with opportunities for you to show up for you through out the week. From weekly meditation circles, monthly reading and coaching calls, to a private community space where woman are coming together to share stories, ask questions and unlimit themselves from their "blocks"

Meet Your Coach

Hi Love,

My name is Rylee June, I am a Intuition Master Coach and Spiritual Activator.
Through going through my own spiritual awakening in 2016 I stubbled upon the opportunity to become a Certified Psychic Medium, and was dumb founded that people did not know and understand they were capable of so much more than what we've been told. Through navigating my own healing experience of overcoming trauma from my husband and sons heart diagnoises and the loss of a loved one, I found a passion and calling to teaching and educating people on how truly connected and greater they are.

This membership was designed to be able to give access to those who desired the support, community and education as they awoke to the world around them.

I am honoured to support and guide you throuhgg your re-activation of your soul