Expander Membership

Expander Membership

Become An Empowered Empath And Learn How You Operate Energetically To Ascend Beyond The Veil Of Reality.

If you have recently awakened to the the "world" this membership space is here to equip you with community, training, healing, insight and more to empower yourself in becoming your own sovereign being



Join us this month a workshop designed to help you Design YOU. Tap into the energy of creating your destiny October 27th @6:30 pm MST

and tuning into the theme of #NewBeginnings

Expander Membership



The Divine Expander Movement is a welcoming of all people who are ready to leave the old paradigm of their existence behind and shift one degree at a time, into a spiritual and life awakening full of fulfillment. Through the reactivation of your intuitive gifts you will unlock experiences, clarity and manifestations beyond what you once thought was possible, by awakening the divinity within you.

The Divine Expander is the soul who wants more, desires freedom of all kinds, and is willing no matter what to show up and put the time and intention into self so they can for themselves, those around them and generations to come set a new presidence of truly what is possible when you reconnect and reactivate your abilities within your heart and soul.


What You Gain From The Expansion Member is: community support, healing, training and insight unlike any other membership you've seen before.

It is my mission to provide a space for unlimited growth and expansion for all of those who are called to expand and understand their light. From empaths to the newly awakened. Dive into understanding how to connect to your intuition, find your soul tribe of like minded people seeking self understanding and sovereignty, meditations for healing and weekly accountability, readings and coaching to support you individually.

What The Membership Offers You

  • Access to my Monday, Wednesday Friday Meditation Online Circle($100 Value)
  • 2 Exclusive Embodiment Coaching & Reading Calls Per Month ($555 Value)
  • Monthly Collective Reading - Outlining how the energy of the month is likely to influence different areas of life ($111 Value)
  • A printable Affirmation worksheet
  • Access to Full Trainings on different topics of deeper expansion, energy tools and learning ($3,333+ Value)
  • A 10% discount code to be used on other products of service of your choosing! (Priceless!)
  • All members receive additional bonus's and early details to any new releases (Priceless!)

    Monthly Membership Value

  • Gain Life Time Access To The Membership & Enjoy The Bonus Life Time Access To My Top 3 Signature Courses!!
    >Details Below!
  • When you're feeling lost > There's a video for that
  • When you're calling something in to manifest > There's a training for that
  • When you're going through a heartbreak > There's a training for that too
  • When you're moving through limitations > You can learn more about that here
  • When you're tapping into your intuitive gifts > There's a training for you to implement
  • When you need mindset support > There's a training on subconscious beliefs
  • When you're calling in more abundance > You can learn how to create it
  • When you're working on your chakras > You can learn more about each one

    and so much more..

Take A Look Inside

Insight into what you can access within this Membership Portal

3 Reasons Why This Membership Is For You


This membership space will teach you all about how you operate, connect and manifest as your own being.

Every training is designed to educate and teach you how to connect for you.


Ascending can be lonely when you begin to outgrow your current environment. Being apart of community is what allows us to thrive, grow and stay motivated knowing there are others moving through similar experiences and committed to their development too


This membership is equip with opportunities for you to show up for you through out the week. From weekly meditation circles, monthly reading and coaching calls, to a private community space where woman are coming together to share stories, ask questions and unlimit themselves from their "blocks"

Meet Your Coach

Hi Love,

My name is Rylee June, I am a Intuition Master Coach and Spiritual Activator.
Through going through my own spiritual awakening in 2016 I stubbled upon the opportunity to become a Certified Psychic Medium, and was dumb founded that people did not know and understand they were capable of so much more than what we've been told. Through navigating my own healing experience of overcoming trauma from my husband and sons heart diagnoises and the loss of a loved one, I found a passion and calling to teaching and educating people on how truly connected and greater they are.

This membership was designed to be able to give access to those who desired the support, community and education as they awoke to the world around them.

I am honoured to support and guide you throuhgg your re-activation of your soul