Activate & Certify Your Psychic Mediumship Abilities 
Through The
Expander Psychic Mediumship Certification


If you have been searching for a space to unlearn all that is blocking you and reinstall all that you are here to understand and create, this is the space for you.

This 6 month container will be a full mind, body and spirit re-activation.
You will learn how to lean in and connection with self; building your connection and confidence from within
You will learn how to feel and read the energy cues you've always been receiving
You will learn how to deliver messages and healings with your magic and create and build services from your heart

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This Is For You If

You are ready to be fully confident in you entirely

  • You desire to be able to move past personal blocks, barriers, self and others expectations of you.

  •  Energy, Healing, Spirit has always intrigued you and you can't help but feel called to know more

  • You know your life has a purpose and you are ready to unlock the divine wisdom and reality for you now.

  • You have "random" thoughts of people often and don't understand where they are coming from

  • You smell things that are not immediately around you and want to understand what this means

  • You feel "overly" sensitive to other peoples energies and especially their emotions and have been told you are "too sensitive" [P.s Your Actually Gifted ;) ]

  • You want to be able to have the conscious awareness to know what to do to shift your blocks

  • You experience anxiety in present moments, and have a knowing that something is trying to connect with you.

  • You feel like you are getting messages/ Or want to get clearer messages from spirit/ your loved ones

  • You "Know" things before you know them and want to learn how to harness this and be able to understand why

  • You want to create the financial freedom that allows you to retire you from your corporate job and do something that aligns with impact and your souls true mission.

    Does this sound like you?

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6 months

Reactivate Your Connection & Build Your Own Spiritual Business
Certified Psychic Mediumship Training & Business Building
Learn to tap in, understand and connect all things your energy, intuition, spirit, guides, higher self and manifesting.
Learn how be your own soul coach to move past your own objectives and blocks.
Learn the in depth of connecting and disconnecting with others energies, opening and closing your channel of connection and reading and delivering mediumship messages

Learn marketing, platform use, getting started, back end support and structure and branding of building your own spiritual business ONLINE

In these changing times having the ability to understand self and connect and deliver healings and insight to others is a gift the world needs more of.

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Katie R

I have so much that I could say about Rylee! She is one of the most magical and inspiring people I have had the pleasure to know… and am fortunate enough to have her as a mentor! I started with her intuition academy, which made my want to dive in deeper and go on to mentorship 1x/week. Every week I would look forward to our mentor sessions together where, of course, Rylee continued to inspire me and introduce me to mind-blowing experiences and concepts. Her joy, wisdom, and connection helped me along my spiritual journey and to really learn to trust/listen to my inner intuition and experience my own magic! Not only does she makes this very applicable to your every day life but she makes it personalized for whatever your going through or are interested in. Highly recommend :)


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Tory G

I had the pleasure of having Rylee as my mentor for the past 10 weeks, and am excited to start my journey with her through Spirit University. Rylee is such an amazing soul. She taught me so much about myself that I didn’t even realize was possible. I am grateful to her for taking the time to teach me in a way that I truly understood, and gave me directions that really allowed me the strongest connection and learning experience. She listens and validates each intuitive connection. Rylee answered my every question and concern with love, and made me feel safe during this whole experience. I’ve had so many amazing spirit connections since finishing her course, and have even started relaying messages to my close friends and family! It’s such a beautiful thing. I recommend her for absolutely everything, especially her courses and mentor-ship programs!

The Greatest Mind, Body & Spirit Transformation You Can Go Through

While equally learning how to be of service and make space in your reality for deep effortlessness compensation

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Month One

Going Over The Basics & Rebooting Your System:
+Code Of Ethics
+Chakra Archetypes & Energy Fields
+Grounding, Disconnecting, Protecting
+Working With Cards
+Predominant Sense
+Routines & Boundaries

>In this first month we dive into the respect required to step into your own energy field
>Learning how to read the chakra system from a positive and negative point of view
>Learning and connecting with your main intuitive sense to provide clarity when you receive your messages
>How to open up to intuitively interrupting the oracle cards
>Becoming aware of self energy cues

Month Two

Understanding Connection:
+Reading Energies
+Signs & Symbols
+Reading Auras
+Creating Radical Self Responsibility & Getting Honest With Your Root Chakra
+Spirit Guides

>In the second month we dive respectfully into reading others energies and delivering psychic messages
>How to interrupt and ask for signs and symbols
>Tapping into your higher self to begin discerning what energy belongs to you and others
>Connecting with your and others spirit guides to deliver messages and guidance
>Understanding how to assume self responsibility for your entire reality. Learning how to reframe and be conscious in your thoughts

Quantum Healing Group Session Takes Place

Month three

Expanding Your Awareness:
+In Depth Mediumship Connection
+Delivering Messages
+Opening Up Your Consciousness
+EFT Training
+Feeling Energy

>In the third month we dive respectfully into connecting to spirit on the other side, understanding how to connect read and deliver the messages being received
> Learning to open your consciousness to bring guidance through from your higher self and reframe experiences from the past that hold you back
>Tapping into your higher self to begin discerning what energy belongs to you and others
> Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique for yourself to help you move past emotional or emotionally challenging experiences

Month Four

Mindset & Business Creation:
+Setting up your business online (free-paid)
+Branding yourself in an online space
+Creating a high vibe experience for your current and future clients (Integrating these practices into your now business, or creating from scratch)
+Reframing your blocks with the upper chakras ( Minds Eye, Throat & Heart)

>In the fourth month we dive into setting up your business online(Platform Use) 
>Tailoring your branding to your personality
>Learning how to hold more energetic space for your clients
>How to connect with each chakra to help you reframe an experience for both self and client

Light Language Group Activation Session Takes Place

Month Five

Soul Work:
+Building Your Feedback 
+Psychic Mediumship Further Development
+Client/Student Assessments
+Breaking Emotions
+Integrating Crystal, Oils & Your Tools Into Your Clients Experience

>In the fifth month we dive into more psychic mediumship development, training and reading practice
> Incorporating all that has been learned thus far into a personalize sequence
> Utilizing your feedback for calling in your future clients
>Student assessments with each other/clients you current have
>Learning how to integrate your energy tools from your gift box into deepening the clients experience with you

Month Six

Expanding Your Self And Business:
+Learning how to create scalable offers
+Integrating future other services/products for additional revenue streams
+Coaching you through current circumstances and navigating your business/mindset shifts/creation
+Accounting 101
+Learning Channeling
+Being In Consciousness

>In the final month we recap what we've learned and implemented over the past 5 months
> Go through to tailor any piece left to your new and/or improved business
>Learning what you need and can put into place now/future for additional revenue income streams, affiliates, services
> Learn how to keep track of your own income and break it down to cash in hand for turn around investment
>Learning how to channel for self, clients higher self in love and light
>How to be in consciousness of your life

Upon completion you will receive your certificate in the mail 

What You Will Experience Working With Rylee

A safe space with no judgement so you can discover and go in depth with your intuitive abilities, A deeper understanding of who you are on a soul level, the ascension into your next level self.
The ability to fully connect with spirit and others energies with respect and ease, and the ability to understand how to connect with your own loved ones on the other side.

The consciousness to be able to navigate your own life with your re-activated intuition and your heart.

The ability to release past shame, judgment and lack of confidence so you can truly step into your next level of self.

If desired, the understanding and strategy on how to step up your own online business properly. Learn how to take your new business or already established business online with ease and attraction. 

You will turn your life from neutral or unideal into magic, true, pure magic, and that is my guarantee. 
Self accountability is key, but if you are ready to put in the work, you're life is about to unlock into a whole other level of magic beyond your wildest dreams.

The trainings we will do together will step you up with the conscious understandings, connections and experience needed to apply intuition to your own life and/or have a business on the other side.

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What You Get

Sisterhood Community & Soul Support

 3 Group 75 minute calls a month via zoom  .<<

>>. Guided Meditations .<<

>>. Additional Worksheets .<<

>>. Mon-Fri Voxxer Support For All Your Needs .<<

Group support chat with the other souls in the certification.<<

>>. Energy Assistance Gift Box .<<

It is my mission to help you understand your energy connection and return to your most natural state of understanding.
To release the stigmatism of society, to go within to find your own truth and ignite your soul.
Your Intuitive connection will lead you towards clarity, love , confidence and passion.

Ultimately Unlocking the access codes to your soul, higher self and why you are here in this life.

Are you ready to dive in?

Hi! I'm Rylee, Lovely To Meet You

Rylee is an Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Business Mentor. The host of Your Love-LY Intuition Podcast and owner of her self made, 6 figure online business. She is a mom to 3 littles and a wife to her incredible husband. 

She started her journey with -500 in the bank and almost $100,000 in debt after losing her aunt dear and her husband and son facing multiple heart surgeries over a 2 year period, Rylee decided she had nothing left to lose and honestly in the beginning just wanted to find an answer as to why and how to connect to her aunt herself.
After completing a Certified Psychic Mediumship and Business Training course Rylee Mastered her ability to connect with her own loved ones, and began offering readings to others "just to see".
She feel in love with her ability to connect and help others on a deeper level for self healing, connection and expansion and now holds space for 1,000's of souls to learn, grow and connect with their own intuition, mediumship abilities and consciousness of remembering their souls mission.
It is an honour to be here to help you understand how to light your own way, and to be an example of truly what else is possible in this life.
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Rachel Vaessler

I cannot thank you enough for being my mentor and believing in me.
You said i would be stepping into this realm of helping people online in coaching. Thank you for always believing in me! I hope i make you proud as one of my first mentors!

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Jessica Hutto

“I just got off a call with a client and it came up about her husband who had passed.

I shared with her what ive been learning and asked if she’d be open to me sharing a message as i could feel his presence;

I talked about the number 5 having a significance either to his passing or marriage, and she confirmed they were married on the 5th of november

I went on to share some more messages that i could feel coming from him

And she was moved by how out of everything, what i shared was what she needed most today.

I am in almost tears at how amazing this was and so thankful for you in teaching me how to do this work”

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Jessica Dellaire

We haven't even finished and i am already so incredibly grateful for all your have taught me. I have learned to see more within myself in these last few weeks than every before, you have been amazingly supportive and i am so grateful Divine connected us together

Soul Gift

Each Divine Soul That Enrols Into The Expander Psychic Mediumship Certification Program Receives A Gift Box With All The Tools You Will Need For Your Training

PLUS: A 1:1 Call To Get Started Before The Program Begins On 11/01/2020

How To Get Started

+ Apply Below
+ If your application is accepted you’ll receive a link to book your clarity call and details to move forward 

Accepting Applications for July 1st Start Dated

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Join The Expander Psychic Mediumship Certification

Accepting Applications For July 1st Start Date

This is only open to 15 souls ready to dive in and create the reality they dream, expansion of all kinds, and a deep inner connection to their gifts and soul.

You will complete this program with the knowledge, connection, testimonies and support system needed to build and create your dream online spiritual business.

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