Quantum Leap Into 2022 Aligned

This is a 31 accountability meditation challenge to support you in showing up every single day for the month of December to close off 2021 in a higher state of consciousness, healing on deeper levels, and expanding into your soulful self

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December Alignment Challenge

2022 Is going to be the greatest year of your life, don't wait to step into self alignment Join Us Now!

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Meet Your Teacher

Hi Love,

I'm Rylee June, Intuition Master Coach And Spiritual Activator.

I have spent the previous 5 years learning, growing and developing my abilities to connect to energy, train people in activating others, and help people activate their next level of consciousness. I have found gaps within the industry surrounding the ethical standards people lack in their services and the need of more healers integrating deeper levels of self confidence and trust in their work.

Through hosting high level mastermind programs for Light Workers and self connection services for those just waking up to their energy, I have been blessed to support thousands of women in stepping into their next level of self.