I Am Rylee June Your Spiritual Mentor,

When I first took the plunge of all things personal development, never in my wildest dreams ( Or so I thought ;) ) did I imagine I would be doing this work, let alone teaching others. 
Through implementing the practices, principles and trainings. I have learned from courses and mentors I have turned my life into this incredibly colourful, magnetic way of being. 
Developing your Self is truly the most incredible thing you can ever do for you.
It has led me to a feeling of fulfillment, deep connections and relationships, a new outlook on life, a beautiful abundant business, an understanding of spirit and all things energy, and building new forms of relationships with those i once thought would be lost forever.

Most importantly this work has taught me who I am, and truly what I am capable of.

And now I want to share it all with you.

Oracle Reading Masterclass

This course was designed to help you connect with your guides and receive insight into your own life, as well as reading others energies through using oracle cards and your intuition.

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Reiki Practioner Course

This course was designed to teach you how to perform Reiki healing on yourself and others.  You will receive your level 1 and level 2 attunements, learn Reiki history, and Reiki symbols.

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Intuition Academy

Learn all things intuition, connecting with spirit and developing a deeper knowing of what it's like to be connected to your heart and soul. 
Strengthening this connecting allows you align your life with purpose, love and confidence.

6 in-depth modules walking you through tapping into your energy and intuition, laying a new foundation of mindset and intention, and utilizing this understanding to connect with spirit.

Enrolment Open

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Spirit University

4 month program teaching and certifying you in how to tap into your intuition, spirit connection and energy. While learning how to build and market an online aligned business.
Connection + Service = Abundance


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Conscious Creation Bundle

2 one hour trainings on Creating Conscious Relationships & Creating Abundance
The self reflections, insight, guidance, perception shifts and mindset framework to help you create alignment in all areas of your life today.

$33 CAD To Join

Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshop

Learn more about all things spirit guides, through a series of attached spirit guide meditations, a work book and a 1 hour workshop, you can create a deeper connection and understanding of your energetic partner who is will you assisting in all things joy in your life. 

$47.00 CAD

Higher Self Workshop

Connect With Your Higher Self

The version of you in the future who has completed and accomplished everything you are meant to.
Imagine being able to embody that energy now to help you step into even more of who you are meant to be

$47.00 CAD

Intuition YOU

This 3 hour video training takes you on a deep dive into understanding and recognizing your intuitive connection

$97.00 CAD

Join The Community

Every week you can catch me live on Wednesday evenings VIA FACEBOOK at 8pm MST for free readings! Chosen by random and always a self reflection to take with you into your week 

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Your Love-LY Intuition Podcast

Tune in to learn all things energy, intuition, spirit stories, connections with loved ones and more

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Your Love-LY Intuition Podcast

Tune in to learn all things energy, intuition, spirit stories, connections with loved ones and more


The Daily Life Of A Medium

for what the life of a medium looks like, from raising little ones, having all the cats, along with daily rituals and tips! 
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