What You Will Learn:

Conscious Relationship Training
+ How to deeper Understanding SELF and bring awareness to areas of how you may be creating your own blocks

+ How to apply that awareness to your relationships to make rom for better aligned relationships of all kinds
+ How to find acceptance from unideal past relationships and transmute those memories into love

Creating Abundance Training
+What Abundance Is
+The mentality of abundance
+How to be in consciousness of abundance
+Self reflections to help you understand and reframe your experiences
+How to micro manifest your way to the big dreams/goals (macro manifestation)
+How to step into a higher vibration
+How to hold space for unlimited higher vibrational experiences

Conscious Creation Training Bundle
2 one hour trainings to help you shift into consciousness of your reality and create anew

Training One:
Learn what a conscious relationship is and how to create one with yourself and others in your life. 
Learn how to find self acceptance with your past and create new future paradigms.

Training Two:
Learn how to create abundance in your life in any and all areas.
Learn mindfulness, reframing thoughts & patterns, holding conscious perceptions of experiences and how to micro manifest your way to the big dreams and goals.

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Hi, Lovely To Meet You!

I'm Rylee June, medium, mentor, wife and mom of 3! My mission is to help others step into deeper connection with their birth right senses ( intuition) and unlock the doors of possibilities in all ways so YOU can truly live the life to your design.

In learning more about my intuition i was able to learn how to connect with my own loved ones on the other side, and take that beautiful connection and help others find comfort and peace in connecting with their own loved ones as well as teaching others how to do it for themselves.

YOU are intuitive, you cannot lose your ability to connect. Everything in this world is energy, in most cases, it is about unlearning the beliefs that tell you you won't be good at it too.

Sending you love,