What Sparked The Christmas Love Project

A raw and vulnerable share of why this project came to life


What Is The Christmas Love Project?

The CLP is a fund raiser Rylee began 4 years ago to help single parents at a time of the year where stress is high and help is needed. Humbly so many parents struggle to bring that Christmas cheer on Christmas day to their children, and though we all know its fundamentally not what Christmas is all about as a parent is it something that we stress so much about. Let's be honest...

I wanted to create an experience where we can all come together at this time of year and support single parents in experiencing the miracles of this magical time of year.

Why Did This Come To Be?

The Christmas Love Project was sparked from an experience Rylee had before she started her online practice. Phil her husband was facing multiple heart surgeries and experiencing major PTSD. So Rylee stepped up and her family relied on family to support them over 2 years so that Phil could heal and groceries and bills were available and paid. 

For any parent no matter circumstance that is a very hard thing to 1. have to rely on others to keep your family a float, and 2. be a "single" care giver to someone recovering from major events and raising a family.. while trying not to burn out.

Through those times we always tried our best to make sure our kids had the best of Christmas's no matter what, and as a parent i know how stressful and heart breaking it can be when you're truly doing your best.

So when Rylee started her online practice is was one of the first things she began doing each year. To come together with. her community to raise money and gift miracles and cheer!

How Can You Be A Part Of This Project Of Giving?

There are 3 ways you can choose to be apart of the CLP!

1. Share
, please screen shot the image below and add https://www.ryleejune.ca/christmasloveproject
 The more eyes on this project the more families we get to help!

2. Nominate, If you know a single parent who could benefit from a Christmas Miracle, please send their name and story to [email protected]
Their story will not be shared publicly (*Unless permission is granted) and you as the nomineer will be the liaison for help us to share the good news with them

3. Buy Your Raffle Ticket This year we are doing a raffle!! pictures of the baskets will be up Monday November 14th!

2 Tickets $10
6 Tickets $25
10 Tickets $40

(You are more than welcome to Donate above the tickets 100% of all purchases and donations go to the project!)

How This Works!

All the nominated names will go into a random generator and depending on how much we raise XX amount of names will be randomly selected and than whom ever nominated them will be contacted.

$1,500 CAD will be donated to each family, and in the case where more is raised but not enough to add give to an additional family, the funds will be distributed to the ones selected.


Rylee and those participating in spreading the word hope to raise a minimum of $5,000 to give away this Christmas, so we need your help to make this miracle happen!!

Donate Here

December 2019 Raised:

December 2020 Raised:

December 2021 Raised:

December 2022 Raise:
$ 11

This years nominees are needed from you!! Please email [email protected] to submit the name of the person you are nominating and a bit about their story (Their story will remain confidential) 

We are raising money for:
To Gift $1,500 per family nominated!



Donate Here


Lighting up hearts and spreading miracles and cheer <3

Screenshot & Share!

I would love and appreciate if you can screen shot and share this with your community! Together lets light this season on fire and raise hearts high with Christmas miracles this year!


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