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Money Is More Than High Vibe Meditations With Sandra Joe

financial freedom money podcasting strategy vibration Jan 16, 2023

In this episode of Intuitively Connection Rylee brings on a special guest Sandra Joe Host of the Make That Money Hunni Podcast and Financial Planner to break down truly what is going to attract and bring your in more abundance versus the new age teachers of meditate on more and see yourself swimming in the pool of money. lol


Sandra shares powerful financial tips and strategies that you can use to build a better relationship with your money and how to start planning for wealth versus every day survivalism with whats in your bank right now.


Sandra also has a program starting up that you can learn more about

called Sex & Money << Join the waitlist >>

The true break down of the issues that money stress can cause in relationships and how to build up both areas of your life to feel more empowered, connected and enjoy the pleasure both can bring!


You Can Connect With Sandra Here Too

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In this program you will learn how to eliminate the new age deceptive practices and go straight to: 

  • Understanding what the 4 pillars of connecting to you truly is and how to apply them to your life to become more intuitively guided, connected and healed from your past.
  • The ability to stabilize your emotions, thoughts and energy welcoming optimism, empowerment and discernment
  • Awakened to a greater vision of your future; rooted in hope, faith and potential.
  • Seeing beyond the false lights and deception that exists in the energy space. 
  • Knowing exactly how to disconnect from the distractions  and noise of the world, the wounds of your past and be able to discern the difference between your fear and intuition so that you can listen to the holy spirit within you guiding you to peace, adventure, and release!

It’s time to nurture and ascend yourself unlike ever before.
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