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5 Best Practices To Prepare For 2023

best version of you empowerment healing mindset new year new me personal development spiritual Nov 22, 2022


As another year comes to a close it’s easy to become stressed out with the holidays and all the planning, the year end reviews and the reflections of what you wish you would have been more persistent with through the passing year.

But as you enter into this new year ahead here are 5 best practices you can adopt to help you ground and seek out the gratitude in this year, uncover who you are stepping up as in the year ahead, and reflect on how far you’ve truly come as another year comes to a close.


  1. Reflect On The Year That Is Coming To An End. Both the good and the not so great. The challenges existed to help you grow. Reflecting back on what they were, how you went through them and what you would have liked to see happen instead will give you good indicators for how to better navigate a potentially similar situation in your future now having reflected on a different approach.
    Reflect on all the good that took place, what were your highlights? What did it take for you to get to experience those things? Who was involved? Why are those moments special to you? What are you taking away most?


Reflection is your self assessment. It allows you to become aware of how you can improve in this year ahead, along with celebrating all of the experiences you were able to have.



  • Establish New Commitments. It’s easy to create a list of goals. But when you establish your commitments instead, your list gets shorter and more intentional. You begin to priorities what is your #1 overall commitment and what are the next in line important ones to you that you are going to execute on in the year. 



If you are someone who struggles to follow through with goals and commitments after the first couple weeks of a new year, alongside those commitments write out your whys. Why are these important to you now? This helps the brain to anchor in a reason behind the choices, so this way when you want to give up, make excuses why you can’t go on or up hold these commitments, you equally have to face the why of what you would be giving up


  • Assess Your Relationships. This becomes such a wildly valuable reflection that truly needs its own category and opportunity for reflection. Assess the relationships you have and go through them to determine where the people in your life stand. Are they your cheerleader? A Mentor? A positive reinforcement? Are they loving? Do they provide for you and in what way? Also assessing if they are negative, and how that impacts your commitments overall? Is it worth it to keep up that relationship?



 Sometimes those negative relationships can even end up being someone very close and dear to you, but that is why you establish your why to your commitments. Relationships are truly your net worth. Those you choose to surround yourself with says a lot about your likeliness of achieving what you set out to and beyond. The more positive people you have around you, and the less negativity you welcome in your life the more likely you’ll actually stick to what you set out for yourself to achieve. 



  • Get Support. Establish what type of support you need to achieve your commitments. Is that education? A coach? Someone to hold you accountable? A schedule? 



Preparing your support system beyond relationships known to you will be a key indicator just how committed you are to achieving what you are intending to because of your willingness to learn from someone in a greater capacity that is where you want to be or has the knowledge to get where you want to faster than you trying to do it on your own.

  1. Celebrate. One of the most important things that you can do to really close out another beautiful year no matter how it went was to celebrate it AND most importantly yourself and all you achieved and made it through.

You experienced absolutely everything you were meant to. Living in the land of “should have done more” or “I wish this would have happened” is only going to create guilt and shame that you will then bring into a new year, and I know you don’t want that. 


2023 offers up new opportunities and possibilities beyond your wildest imagination. Leave behind what you can’t control, thank God for all he brought to you throughout this 2022 year, and welcome the strength and guidance to choose great adventures in this next year ahead.

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