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1:1 Coaching With Rylee June and Doctor Jacque will take you through the journey of healing yourself; Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. This container is for the woman who is ready to finally step into the empowered, healed and crystal clear version of her self for optimal execution, surrender, peace and joy throughout 2023 and beyond.

Rylee and Jacque are teaming up to ensure that your transformation from physical aliments and dis-eases to mental overwhelm and emotion over stimulation becomes merely just an experience of your past.

Together we are committed to you learning, understanding and creating an identity, life, and joy that is rooted in being well. Equally not just while you work with us, but we equip you with the tools to stay well, and sustain a healthy, happy life far beyond our time together.

This 1:2 container isn't like anything we've ever seen before,
With the coaching and training of Rylee June and coaching and clinic support of Dr. Jacque and his team in these next 8 months that you choose to commit to your life will transform in the best of ways.

You also have the option of hiring either independently for the 8 month commitment

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Where are you in your intuition development and energy awareness?

Understand you are an empath, just started your energy journey and understanding, have basic knowledge of the chakras.

Have an idea what their main clair sense is, experiences energy often and self aware of their emotions and responses, have a routine set up and has experience in/ preforming energy readings/healings

You offer readings/ read cards, you have trained and understand energy consciousness, you make decisions from a heart centered and intuitive place, you know your predominant 6th sense

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Please briefly explain what your vision and goals for yourself over these next 6-12 months?

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What is currently holding you back from achieving these goals and vision on your own?

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Working with Rylee and Doctor Jacque is a sacred space that will transform your life from the inside out, you will connect with your intuitive abilities and awaken your consciousness while healing your body, mind and spirit that will finally allow you to be at peace and present with your life as you step into a future direction motivated and clear.

To work with Rylee she invites you to take your decision seriously when you commit to this investment. She holds the space for you to uncover your greatest fears and helps you to expand your consciousness in many ways. The work is deep however, you will shift into continuous personal freedom and as cliche as it sounds, actually be able to experience the life you desire.

If you are ready to make this commitment to your soul,

You may choose to bring Rylee June And Doctor Jacque on your team:

$17,000 USD  Pay In Full

Payment plan
$2,125 USD / Month (8)

You may choose to bring on Rylee June individually to your team:

4 Months Commitment:

$4,800 USD Pay In Full

$1,200 USD/ Month (4)
8 month Commitment:

$9,600 USD Pay In Full

$1,200 USD/ Month (8)

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Please note

Your initial consult with Dr.Jacques clinic is $600 USD

Private testing can range from $300-$1,500+ USD depending on whats necessary (discussed during consult)

Supplements are a separate cost (types of suppliments are dependant on test results)**

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