April 24th - 26th









You Don't Have To Live An Anxious Life

  • Slowing down to enjoy life and be present,
  • Not sweating the small stuff,
  • Being able to have a conversation about your feelings and needs while holding firm to your boundaries without crumbling when they disagree,
  • Being able to enjoy others company without panic attacks or overwhelm,
  • Being able to find a more natural approach to dealing with your anxiety versus being medicated,
  • Seeing the good in the world and not being overwhelmed with fear of the doom and gloom that's constantly pedaled on tv and social media,
  • Being able to address your past trauma without keeling over in pain, anger and sadness
  • Being able to take action without immediately doubting yourself and fearing failure,
  • Being the calm mom, who loves on her babies without fighting the triggers all day long...
  • NOT Fearing your next meal due to not knowing whats causing your inflammation and gut aches
  • Not fearing your bank account, the constant pedaling of a financial collapse
  • Not struggling to be overwhelmed with the inflation of groceries, gas, and lifestyle necessities. 
  • Releasing intrusive thoughts
  • No longer harboring guilt or shame from your past.
  • Finally getting consistent good night rests,
  • Reducing bloat in your body,
  • Being able to function throughout your day without anxiously needing your coffee for energy,
  • NOT waking up to those 3 am panic attacks,
  • Being able to open your closet without the overwhelm of what pair of leggings your going to wear to smooth out your tummy,

This is available for you.

If you're nodding your head thinking,

"I Fkn Wish!" to any of these,

You're in luck!!

Dr. Jacque Moser and Myself are hosting a 3 day Becoming Anxiety Free Masterclass to support you in uncovering WHAT is the cause of your anxiety and guiding you to the next best step for you to becoming ANXIOUS FREE FOR GOOD!

If You Are Ready To Take Charge Of Your Life

Join us 11am MST (1pm EST) for 3 days of deep dives; subconscious breakthroughs, emotional healing and body consulting!

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In These 3 Days We Will Cover:

Day One: Mind

Rylee June will dive into the mindset; The thoughts and perception that anxiety currently has control of in your life and look at breaking down your mindset to the real truth of whats happening underneath the anxious thoughts. Your first step in becoming anxious free is addressing your language and the thoughts you are thinking causing the anxiousness in your body and mind.

Day Two: Body

Dr. Jacque will dive into the physical affects of anxiety in the body. When riddled with anxiety for long periods of time it can have detrimental affects on the body from how our food is digested to our cognitive functioning, focus, sleep, nervous system regulation and so much more. Dr. Jacque will cover the affects of anxiety on the body and what you can do to repairing your body now.

Day Three: Emotion

Rylee June will dive into emotional regulation. Anxiety causes our nervous system to become deregulated; This means that you likely struggle with handling your own emotions as well as others. In day 3 we are going to dive into the story that started it all,  the story that your system is holding on to keeping you from feeling safe WITHOUT anxiety. 


Meet Your Masterclass Consultants


Meet Rylee June, Your emotional, mental and spiritual anxiety relief coach!
Rylee has been honoured to work with 1,000+ women across the world over the previous half a decade to support them in becoming more self led, confident and anxious free through learning to take control of their emotions, shift their perception and heal from their past.

Today Rylee leads with a faith based approach to healing, however works with women of all different backgrounds and beliefs. 

Certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and NLP, Rylee combines her love of Jesus with her tangible skills to guide women in living their best life free of the anxious burdens that weigh on their soul!

Hi, I'm Doc Jacque

I'm a Naturopathic health expert, doctor of chiropractic, speaker and mentor to doctors.

I specialize in working with patients who are struggling with Infertility, Gut Health, and Mold toxicity. I've worked with over 5000 patients worldwide to receive results and give hope where others have lost it.