Rylee June

Rylee June is a wanderer of life turned CEO of the Divine Expander Movement Brand. She is a visionary leader and international conscious Psychic Coach. This beautiful mom of 3 and wife to her divine soulmate, stepped into the world of understanding, learning and developing the energy within herself after spending her lifetime wandering from job to job, program to program, and experiencing loss and unideal heart circumstances with her husband and son from 2016-2018.

With her curiosity for life and why things happen, she was guided to become a Certified Psychic Medium & Master Reiki Practitioner, which led her to uncovering the secret of life, that resides within all of us, and that is energy.

“I never realized how much we have to offer, and what we are truly capable of until we learn to understand and connect with the foundation and core of who we are, our energy”

Rylee June has since spent time connecting to spirit for others, delivering guidance and healings as well as mentoring people around the world to develop their gifts and intuition.

Through breaking down the generational blocks and misunderstandings in her own life, she has been able to be a light and example of what else is truly possible for everyone when you take that time to connect with your soul and reactivate the consciousness and abilities we all carry.

Rylee's vision is to light the future with love, hope, compassion and most importantly connection.

The Divine Expander Movement is a welcoming of all people who are ready and willing to leave the old paradigm of our existence behind and shift one degree at a time, into a spiritual and life awakening. Through the reactivation of energy gifts you will unlock codes, maps and experiences beyond what you once thought was possible, but awakening the divinity within you.

The Divine Expander is the soul who wants more, desires freedom of all kinds, and is willing no matter what to show up and put the time and intention into self so they can for themselves, those around them and generations to come set a new presidence of truly what is possible when you reconnect and reactivate your abilities within your heart and soul.


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