Connecting with Your Divine Team

Hosted by Rylee June, Medium & Mentor

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In this training you will learn:

+ the difference between guides, angels and loved ones

the purpose each one holds for you

+ how to communicate with each one for self

who you're receiving what signs from

We will go over who makes up your divine team and how to communicate with each element and what the difference is.

Each one serves a special purpose, and in times of change knowing your Divine Teams allows you to KNOW you are supported and by whom!

My Divine Team has been a blessing to know and connect with. In times of feeling lonely, in need of clarity, when discovering deeper levels of myself - having my team to call upon and not only feel supported but to know how to trust in the signs they send my way has made a great difference in building my trust in myself and these connections every day.

Hi, Lovely to meet you!

I'm Rylee June, mendium, mentor, wife and mom of 3! My mission is to help others step into deeper connection with their birth right senses (intuition) and unlock the doors of possibilities in all ways so YOU can truly live life to your design.

In learning about my intuition, energy and frequencies, I have learned what it takes to build and create a multiple 6-figure online business, pave the way with my husband to build a self-sustaining lifestyle and pay out over $60k in debt!

Money isn't what you think, let me help you understand the consciousness behind your blocks to your dreams.


Sending you love,