I'm Ready To Light This World On Fire With Healing

The Light Worker Training Series 

3 months of 2 day training and energy workshops here to assist you on the path of expansion for your spiritual business and souls mission in this world. Learn how to tap into a new level of your souls mission and prepare your services for the space you are here to hold for the New Earth.
Welcoming all psychics, mediums, energy healers and coaches, spiritual channellers and those bringing through the new earth consciousness

For those who are just starting their healing practices, or have been in the grind for some time now and not seeing a difference in your reach and compensation of your work.

This Training Series Is For You

I desired a life where I was on my own schedule, where i had access to my God given talents and where people were healing because I showed up to help

I had a dream htat seemed unattainable. Goals that seemed so far out of reach. But one day at a time, hiring the support, taking the time to learn new strategies, and implementing my energy and flow those dreams and goals were no longer out of reach. I found myself 1.5 years into my business having achieved 80% of what i had wanted from day one. The biggest one retiring my husband. and so it was.. Your desires and dreams are God given. They are a vision placed within you that only you know if you truly want or not. And if you decide you do.. then it is your commitment to show up and create that alignment in your life.

The more I continued to try and tell myself I could figure it out the more I fueled the energy that I wasn't worth the investment, growth and support.

What changed in my life when I took the time to learn, bring my ego up to speed that this is what we were doing and yes infact we were going to follow the calling in my heart that everything changed. This is where i began to see those 5K-10K months, this is where i started to see the consistent income. Most importantly, this is when i really started to see my clients getting sustainable results in their life. 

I spent years trying to figure out how to do it for myself. 

It wasn't until i started investing in my knowledge of how to do things from people who had already taken those steps before me and showing up to apply to work that i learned a better way of creating sustainable growth in my company.


"I’m proud of myself for having more confidence in myself and my readings I have been getting so many new clients and it’s amazing to help them all with energy readings and contacting passed loved ones"


"...The magnitude of what you do for us. You are literally helping me transform my entire existence and have helped me find God again. I am so grateful for you.”


“On an absolute high after having a meeting with the women offering me a booth. I told me husband he probably thought i was crazy for the amount of money i asked him for when i wanted you as my mentor but it's paying off!”

Light Worker Training Series Curriculum


This month is all about building from the foundation. First we must establish the vision and nailing the basics of your offer(s) you are putting out into this world.
Day One: Nailing Your Offer
Day Two: Vision Board Party

Dates Oct 13th & 14th @ 6:30 pm MST


This month is all about creating consistent patterns to unlock deeper levels of self. How you do what you do is unique to you, showing up for yourself and your mission in this world is the driving force behind your message reaching across the globe
Day One: Codes Of Consistency
Day Two: Magnetizing Your Offers

Dates Nov 10th & 11th @ 6:30 pm MST


This month is all about the ascension of your mission and services. How leading with integrity and ethical standards can help you expand your reach and the compensation you receive.
Day One: Creating ethical processes and standards for your self, clients, and the industry
Day Two: Unlocking the next level in your mission, collaborating and expansion of the vision of your desires

Dates Dec 8th & 9th @6:30 pm MST

If you have a dream for your future and assisting the world with healing. This Is For You

These trainings offer unique approaches, easy to implement steps and energy shifting trainings to help you lock in new levels of unleashing Who You Are and the expansion of your business in this world


How To Join

You can either join each individual month separately.
You can chose to opt into all month right now. This offer goes away once the October Workshop Begins

The replays are only available for 72 hours.
Which means if you are taking the time to invest in the training you must equally set the intention to show up because you do not have access to the replays for life.

Your mission is happening now
your calling is coming through now
The world is waking up and desiring your support now

Whether you are just starting or have been in the cycle of not seeing growth for sometime, this series is designed to break you free of the identity that says:

"It has to be this way"
"You can't create what you dream"
"It doesn't work for you"
"One day i'll have it all together and in place"

One day, is now.
Your tomorrow starts today.
Your excuses no longer have a place
Your heart is calling you to something bigger and you are ready to lean in and quantum leap into that expansion.

The Light Worker Training Series is your 3 month preparation for the Align & Ascend Mastermind that opens for applications January 9-16 only and begins February 2nd.

Join me in getting yourself ready to take your dream life, business and mission to the next level before the 5 month mastermind container opens to support you in your quantum expansion.

October Breakdown

  • Day One: Nailing the basics of your offers
    Breaking down the promise, reason why the offer was created and how you help solve what the offer promises. This is the best way to be able to share confidently about what you have created to help others with
  • Day Two: Getting into the energy of you ( vision Board Party ) Bring your board, magazines and inspo where we will be grounding into the vision of your desired life.

November Breakdown

  • Day One: Getting consistent with yourself. Diving into planning your business strategy, breaking down what you need to make per month on average to reach the goal of financial freedom, over coming self limiting beliefs
  • Day Two: Making your offers magnetic; infusing all intentional experiences into your services that expand beyond the time spent with you optimizing your clients ability to heal and be accountable to their growth
    & Designing the beliefs you desire to integrate into yourself.


December Breakdown

  • Day One: Integrity and creating ethical approaches and process to your standards of practice
    Learn how to define the scope of your work and always leading with knowing who you are equip to help and not help
  • Day Two: Tuning Into The Bigger Picture Of Your Mission.
    How to unlock new levels of your mission, Going deeper with your mission, Tuning into a bigger mission leading with who you truly are.

What You Get Per Training Series

  • 2 Days Of 75 Minute Live Trainings
  • Workbook For Additional self expansion
  • Guided embodiment meditation to access higher levels of your future self

Are You Ready To Step U As The Light Leader You Have Been Chosen To Be?

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