Unravel. Heal. Expand


This 4 week self mastery toolbox is designed to help you unravel your limitations, blocks and barriers through every level of your healing journey. In Ascension you will be taken through the S.O.U.L method of unlocking your intuitive abilities, healing your blocks with your re-activated gifts and ascending into the world with alignment, and higher vibrational experiences with confidence unlike ever before.


What Is An Ascension?

Ascension is the process of lifting and shifting into a higher state of consciousness. Rising above the paradigm of the 9-5, hustle and struggle, waiting for permission from someone or something else to attract, experience and be in a greater way of being than you are today.

An Ascension is the journey of the soul, embodiment of YOUR truth, to expand beyond what you once thought was possible, to live in joy, healing and love, in a way that words can not describe. A feeling of warmth and unconditional love that is engrained into your spirit, now pouring into your reality.

Ascension is the destiny of the human experience, the question to ask yourself is What kind of life do you desire to live?

One under the rule of others identity?
A life in purpose through your own lens of truth with unwavering confidence and connection?

Ascension Tool Box Was Designed To Help The Awakened Navigate Life: Connected, Healed, And Expanded

Does this sound like you?

You feel like you can't find a flow in your life; How to get into that state, how to navigate the experiences and have more patience when the unprocessed emotions or unideal circumstances that arise.

It has became the scariest thing to realize that you are stepping into full conscious responsibility for everything in your life. That the love you feel for you, the trust your building in you and the desired ability to use your intuitive gifts now has become your new normal, yet feels foreign but some how familiar.

You want to understand how to connect with your intuition, so that you too can live your life in your purpose and uncover the layers of your souls mission; Your Purpose In Life

You feel like you can't get it right when it comes to connecting with your spirit guides and find yourself playing the guessing game of "who they are" and what they have to share with you

You're no longer available for this rinse and repeat lifestyle where someone else governs who you are, what you can do and what you're capable of... You know there's more within you.

You've recently started your healing journey, or may have even been doing this for some time, but in our current global rising it feels like on even some of the best days you've lost your mind?

You feel like you've rapidly outgrown your life and sometimes even feel like a foreigner in your own body.

You don't resonate with the people in your current circles or maybe the conversations, but have no idea what to do other than to just nod your head and agree.

You want to be able to "make it work" for yourself, without hiring a coach, seeing a psychic, maybe you even feel hung up on whether you can afford one, or are worthy of one... as if it couldn't help.

You want to continue on this healing and ascension journey you've started but want to know and learn how to integrate and most importantly embody the new you energy.

You feel over sensitive to the world and find it hard to be able to hold space for others when you can't put a finger on the energy moving through you're own body.

The changing world brings about anxiety and you desire to rise above that. You find it hard to discern what is your energy and what is others, creating confusing in your mind and body.

You are ready to no longer let labels stand in your way, the "I can'ts" or "what if's" hold you back. 


Tori G

I had the pleasure of working with Rylee as my mentor.She is such an amazing soul, She taught me so much about myself that I didn't even realize was possibleI am grateful to her for taking the time to teach me in a way that I truly understood and gave me the directions that really allowed me the strongest connection and learning experience.I recommend her for absolutely everything, especially her courses and mentorship programs!

Ascension Symptom >One<

Pressure In Your Body, Uncertain Intuitive Connections, New Sensations, And Overall Feeling Foreign In Your Body

Doing the inner work, before and now in the changing times we are in has a veil unlike there ever has been before.The level of rising consciousness on the planet has allowed people to access deeper levels of self and consciousness at a rapid pace and in many deeper ways.

There is so much energy flowing through your system and you can only clean your house and change the paint so many times.

This can leave the body feeling over anxious or stressed because of all the new sensations, emotional releases, and the delicate process of tapping into a whole new language > Your Intuition <

This newly founded connection leaves you feeling like your heart has cracked wide open in all ways. but now there is all of these new sensations you don't understand and are unsure how to process.

Yet... something deep within you invites you to continue to lean in.

Ascension Symptom >Two<

Rapidly Out Growing Your Current Life
You've woken up to a lot of what is happening in the world and feel like the black sheep of society, likely even your family, you may have even felt that way most or if not all, of your life. 

Through your healing journey you are discovering so much about yourself that you feel alone, or like no one understands truly what you are going through.

You have more faith, hope and are building confidence unlike ever before. You feel ready to break free of your old life, old ways, and maybe even surroundings, but the duality of fear of judgement expressing yourself in new ways around the people in your life now leaves you stopped in your path like your blocked and unsure how to take your next step.

And you're left with the feeling of being lost, or like you're doing something wrong...
Yet.. Continue to hold faith and trust unlike you have in the past.


Ascension Symptom >Three<

Gratitude, Optimism, Hope and Faith, The Desire To Live A Better Life Than Ever Before

There is an uncertainty about what all of this processing, these sensations, the healing, the unraveling and these new connections really mean and what you can do with them.

You're ready for more, you want to harness this surge of newness and desire for more and most importantly sustain and apply it to all areas of your life. 

You are unraveling at what seems like a rapid pace and some days feel knocked off your feet.

But you thought this was suppose to be easy, that there was a time where this all subsided and life was suppose to be like floating on a cloud, tons of support, money pouring in, manifestations left right and center like everyone else,
... But that doesn't seem to be happening for you,

Your cracked open heart is ready to sore, quantum leap in ways you've never felt inspired until now.

Now you just need something that will help you put the pieces together, not just this time, but through every level of future ascension you go through too.

You are ready to ascend beyond others judgements, make peace with your ego, FINALLY have the training, knowledge, tools to understand:

How you connect,
How you navigate energy,
What you are here to do,
& are willing to see that through.

You desire to flow with life,

To be able to still hold your head up high, to be able to feel so much grace and love when things don't quite seem to be going your way.

You desire to carry through the optimism and trust you have on the good days into the not so great ones too

You know you came here for more than just this rinse and repeat life. 

That there is something within you that is calling you inside.

You know that you are unlike anyone else and you are ready for your time to rise.

You've Determined Your Ascension Starts NOW.

Who Is Your Mentor?

Rylee June is an international intuition master coach and psychic activator. She works with women and men all over the world mentoring them on how to tap into their intuition abilities, expand their consciousness and energy, and recognize the patterns, behaviours and beliefs that are holding them back from their greatest life possible.

Through teaching self accountability and alignment Rylee has helped 1,000's of divine souls step into their life's purpose and pursue passions, ideas, and deep desires that they once only believed was a dream for "one day"

The difference that stands between where you are and where you want to be is your energy.

Now Is The Time To Heal. Now Is The Time To Reclaim Your Energy. Now Is The Time To Live Your Best Life, Connected.

This isn't just another 4 week program you take, never implement and feel left behind within. These 4 weeks will be the most transformative, revealing and connected weeks of your life.
And moving forward...

You are your greatest asset, your reality is your mirror and your soul is ever lasting.
You are a special gift to this world, and somewhere along the way someone or something told you that the quality of your life is what is outside of you. 
I Stand Here To Share With You They Were Very Wrong.
The quality of you life is determined within you.. and that is why you feel disconnected and/or lost.
Time To Reconnect To The Gift That You Are

Week One

Going Beyond The Surface

Uncover your higher self routines, Developing your clairaudient ability,
Aligning Your Divine Feminine Energy
Breath Work technique to help you to neutralize your thoughts with EFT as you ascend into deeper energy shifts

Week Two

Opening Your Heart

Unraveling your own blocks,
Healing unprocessed energy,
Healing ancestral trauma,
Cleaning up your energy field and Developing your clairempathic abilities.

Bonus: Sacred Heart Healing

Week Three

Understanding Who You Are

Learning how to apply your routines and connection to all areas of your life for deeper healing work,
Aligning Your Divine Masculine Energy,
Reestablishing your connection to God
Developing your clairvoyance gift

Week Four

Luminating Your Ascension Path

Mirror Method for soul coaching yourself, Embodying your highest truth and timelines of infinite possibility,
How to set boundaries in hold sacred space in your new connection,
How to continue to uncover your souls mission

Program Details

+4 Week Online Program

+11 Pre-recorded (25 Minutes Or Less) Trainings (Value $2,000)

+Workbook exclusive to the S.O.U.L Method of Ascension Taught By Rylee June
>Downloadable: PDF's, Journal Prompts, thought work and exclusive guided meditations (Value $500)

+Exclusive Private Soul Facebook Community (Value $500)

+The tools to form the soul connection you came here to re-learn (Priceless Value)

Total Value: $3,000

You Will Walk Away Knowing

> How To Connect To Your Intuition FOR YOU
>Confidence to take back your power in your life
>The tools to lean on yourself no matter what
>The energy to attract the manifestations and desires of your newly founded and sustainable frequency
>A supportive community that understands, is on a similar journey, and ready to cheer you TF on.
>Different methods to walk yourself through soul coaching your way through uncharted territory in your life, Unexpected experiences & blocks and limitations in your self and life.
>Coaching of the highest level from Rylee June to help you master your connection and understanding of your souls unique blue prints and ultimately leading you towards uncovering your souls purpose in this life.


If you apply this work, IN YOUR WAY!
Self Mastery Is The Outcome.

You've Got This...

If you are here, this is a sign.
If you are feeling the pull, the guidance, the unraveling of knowing this is something that is calling your soul.

If you are ready to start healing and ascending with confidence and grace, this is where your soul has guided you to be.

This is your fresh start, Your blank canvas, turning your spiritual senses on, and receiving the billboard sign of...


If You Have A Dream, Desire, Something In Your Life You Are Seeking Confidence, Guidance, Abundance Within...

The only way to the result is through,
Is knowing who you are at the core,
Is knowing how you operate,
I knowing what you are capable of with unwavering faith,
It knowing that you are Magnetic AF!

Through The Ascension Program, You Will Learn Just That.

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