Rylee June | Intuitive Medium | Spiritual Mentor

It is my mission to help you reactivate your connection your heart and soul through energy, intuition and mediumship mentoring.
Your heart center is the most powerful source of energy we put out into this world, It is the intention behind everything that we do, and everything we perceive.

Through readings, workshops and coaching I lead my clients back to their heart connection so they can feel confident in their own life to do what it takes to get them to where they desire to be.

Expander Psychic Mediumship Certification

This is a 6 month group coaching program that by the end of this mentorship you will have a deep understanding of:
+Connection to your psychic mediumship gifts and consciousness
+Ability to deliver messages for self and as a service
+How to launch, build and scale a business online from 0-5 figures
+The confidence and testimonies to share your gifts with the world plus so much more.

>>Details + Application Open<<

Apply Today!

Conscious Creation Bundle

2 one hour trainings on Creating Conscious Relationships & Creating Abundance
The self reflections, insight, guidance, perception shifts and mindset framework to help you create alignment in all areas of your life today.

$47 CAD To Join

Your Love-LY Intuition Podcast Is Here!

Interested in all things intuition, spirit, connecting, stories and more? You're not going to want to miss this! *Screenshot and tag me on Instagram @ryleejune with your take aways! Click the image to go to the podcast links

Energy Readings & Healings

Reiki Healing Sessions, Intuitive & Mediumship Sessions Available


-Spirit University(Closed For Enrolment)

-Intuition Academy(Closed For Enrolment)
Reiki Level 1&2 Practitioner Training (Closed For Enrolment)

-Conscious Creation Bundle Mini Course

-Intuition YOU

- Oracle Reading Masterclass

- Spirit Guide Workshop

-Higher Self Workshop


-Build Your Own Online Business With The Platform I Use (All In One)
-Crystal Packs
-Development Books
-The Book I Co Authored In With Other Healers

Decipher Your Own Energy Download

Work through what belongs to you and what belongs to others so you can remain clear and connected

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Join The Community

Every week you can catch me live on Tuesday evenings at 8pm MST for free readings! Chosen by random and always a self reflection to take with you into your week 

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Your Love-LY Intuition Podcast

Tune in to learn about all things intuition, energy, spirit stories, connecting with loved ones and more!


Your Love-LY Intuition Podcast

Tune in to learn about all things intuition, energy, spirit stories, connecting with loved ones and more!


The Daily Life Of A Medium

Follow along through my insta-stories for what the life of a medium looks like, from raising little ones, having all the cats, along with daily rituals and daily tips! 

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